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    A crooked financier who pleaded insanity to escape a prison sentence, Warren White was sent to Arkham Asylum where he was scarred, mutilated, and gradually driven insane by the other inmates.

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    Warren White was a crooked financier who earned the name "Great White Shark" due to his ruthlessness. He embezzled his company's pension fund and robbed almost all of the company's clients - both working class and upper class - of their life savings. As an attempt to avoid prison he pleaded insanity, but knowing that he paid off the jury, the judge sentenced him to Arkham Asylum.

    Oblivious to the horrors he would face, White entered Arkham thinking that he could buy his way through like everything in his life. But to his discovery he became the fresh 'fish' of the asylum, hated by inmates and staff alike. Even the Joker told him that he was the worst person he'd ever met, because even though he himself kills people, he doesn't take their kids' college funds. Killer Croc later cut slits into White's neck, since he figured "the new 'fish' needed a set of 'gills.'" Eventually he met with the Asylum psychiatrist, Dr. Anne Carver and offered a bribe of $20 million in return for his transfer to a minimum security prison. She agreed and even become romantically involved with him due to her depression from time spent in the asylum. However, to White's horror it was revealed that the real Anne Carver was dead and had instead been replaced by Jane Doe, who had been using Anne's image for months and after realizing the hell that was Anne's life she attempted to take White's life and live it herself, only to be stopped by Batman.

    After it was discovered that Jane did all of White's psych evaluations, his request for a transfer was revoked and he remained in Arkham. He was beaten and abused for the next several weeks (by among others his cellmate Death Rattle) and was eventually told by the asylum's medic that if he wanted to survive he would need protection. Seeking aid, he became Two-Face's 'coin-boy' for several weeks, but after realizing that Two-Face would protect him 'only half the time' he asked to quit. Hearing this news, Two-Face attempted to flip his coin to decide if White should live or die. Humpty Dumpty came to his aid however and decided that White should room with him because he felt that White was the worst man that he had ever met and believed that he should be the one to take him apart, put him back together, and fix him.

    Later that night, Jane Doe escaped her cell and took White hostage. She then locked him in Mr. Freeze's sub-zero room and left him to die. After spending hours locked up, White slowly lost his sanity along with ears, lips, hair, nose, thumb, and several fingers. Once he got out, he sharpened his teeth to the point. With his newly obtained look and insanity he took up the name 'Great White Shark" and became Arkham's go to guy for special vehicles, weapons, and equipment needed for its inmates upon escape.

    Major Story Arcs

    One Year Later

    Batman and Robin have disappeared for a year and the Great White Shark has established himself as Gotham's reigning crime boss. As part of a revenge plot against Two-Face for his earlier betrayal, he orders the Tally Man to kill several criminals associated with the Penguin like Orca, KGBeast, Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker) in order to frame the newly reformed Harvey Dent for the murders.

    Gotham Underground

    During the takeover of Gotham's criminal underworld by Metropolis outfits, The 100 and Intergang, White is badly beaten and locked away following his displacement.

    The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul

    After the defeat of newly resurrected Ra's Al Ghul, White is shown to be in control of Arkham Asylum and he threatens Ra's when he is admitted to Arkham.

    Batman: The Dark Knight- Knight Terrors

    White is one of several Arkham inmates injected with a combination of Venom and Fear Toxin that give them all superhuman strength. Many of the inmates are rounded up and caught by Batman before they could get to Gotham, but not White. White is caught later in Gotham City by the GCPD and James Gordon. Unlike many other infected inmates, White isn't bleeding out his eyes while the Venom wears off, though he is still shouting and ranting about feeding off the blood of Gotham.

    Powers & Abilities

    Warren White is a devious and manipulative criminal mastermind. He possesses brilliant financial skills, allowing him to fund criminal acts, purchase weaponry, hire allies, and orchestrate a multitude of other endeavors. He's shown to be capable of running a criminal empire just as easily inside Arkham Asylum as he has outside of it.

    He has little experience in combat but can handle a firearm, and his sharpened teeth can always serve as a brutal weapon if necessary.

    Other Media

    Batman: Arkham Asylum & Arkham City

    Great White Shark's riddle.
    Great White Shark's riddle.

    Great White has an unlockable biography when solving his Riddler clue. The answer to the riddle is found in the game's morgue where the player finds a jar on a tray containing Warren's nose, lips, an ear, and two fingers and it's labelled "The Great White Shark."

    In the sequel Arkham City, buildings close to the docks have a sign saying "W. White".


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