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Powers and Abilities

Ogata Isshinsai also know as the great sage fist is an incredible Master Class Fighter who was once the original disciple at Ryozanpaku before Apachai, Shio Sakaki and Shigure were admitted as Masters. Ogata was kicked out for following in the Asura path, but not before acquiring some techniques that he will added to his repertoire later. Ogata as a number of Ancient Martial Arts under his belt and is constantly experimenting with new training methods on his disciples so Ogata as a vast and mostly unique move set. His strength his of course high even more a master class fighter, he has been shown beating an Asian bear that was twice as large as it should have been to death with his bare hands. He has been show to be incredibly flexible,holding his leg straight up while balancing a dead man on his foot. Ogata is a master manipulator and uses his charm to get others to do things or test techniques for him.


  • Kazoe Nukite - A special technique that is one of Hayato Furinji's special 108 moves. The user is able to break any defense by reducing the number of fingers in the forms of knife hands. The technique has specific uses for reach reduction in fingers.
  • Nou Ten Jigoku Keri - A technique where Ogata picks up his opponent and then throws them downward and then kicks that opponent in the head. Ogatat taught this move to Sho Kano.
  • Seidou Goui - A powerup technique where Ogata can combine his Sei and Dou to reach new levels of power. This can only be used for short intervals however as Seo and Dou ki cannot coexist for long. Ogata taught this move to his disciple Odin.
  • Seikuken - A defensive technique where the user concentrated around the radius of his reach. Ogata should not be able to use this technique since he is a Dou-type fighter though his experimentation allows him to use is.

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