Great Ring of Arakko

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    The Great Ring is the governing body of the lost mutant island of Arakko.

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    The Great Ring is the governing authority of Arakko and has been so for thousands of years, dating back to the separation of Arakko and Krakoa. As power is valued above all else on Arakko, the Great Ring's members are not simply the most intelligent and resourceful mutants of Arakko, but also the most powerful - only Omega-level mutants are allowed to serve on the Great Ring. The exception to this rule is that no Omega has ever served on the three Night seats.

    The only way for a mutant to gain a seat on the Great Ring is through fighting in the Circle Perilous, with them winning the fight by their opponent either dying by their hand or even an act of suicide or yielding. Only those who are Omega-Level can challenge a council member for their seat. The way to gain a Night seat is unknown.

    The Nine Seats of The Great Ring

    The Three Seats of Dawn. These seats plan for three outcome of any conflict. They are deferred to times of war.

    1. The Seat of Victory. When battle is won, this seat plans the next. Because it is traditionally the most consulted, it is also called the Head of the Great Ring. Vacant after Isca the Unbeaten left the council.
    2. The Seat of Stalemate. Not all battle is won or lost, when there is no clear winner this seat is consulted. Vacant after Idyll was killed by Isca.
    3. The Seat of Loss. This seat is consulted in dark times of humiliation and pain, when the world has fallen. Storm sits here.

    The Three Seats of Day. The seats of the world and what can be seen and touched. They are differed to in times of peace.

    1. The Seat of Above Us. Consulted of matters of the heavens. Lactuca the Knower sits here.
    2. The Seat of All Around Us. The central seat is consulted on matters of the land, people, weather and the turn of the world. As a matter of unbreakable law, this seat has an additions casting vote -- thus, whoever claims the responsivity of sitting here is known as Regent of Arakko. Lodus Logos sits here.
    3. The Seat of Below Us. Consulted on matters of the deep. Sobunar of the Depths sits here.

    The Three Seats of The Dusk. These seats are consulted on what cannot be seen or touched. This table though necessary in both war and peace is Never Deferred To.

    1. The Seat of Law. Consulted on all legal matters. The laws of Arakko are few and not easily changed but when they do this seat is the final arbiter. Ora Serrata the Witness sits here.
    2. The Seat of History. Consulted on matters of lore. This seat records and decide the history of Arakko. Xilo sits here.
    3. The Seat of Dream. Consulted on matters of art, poetry and song. Vacant.

    Note: The Great Ring has nine publicly recognized seats however three additional exist.

    The Three Seats of Night. The members and the purposes of these seats are hidden.


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