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    Character » Great Question appears in 39 issues.

    The Great Question is an evil mastermind and powerful supervillain who is the relentless foe of John Aman the Amazing Man. A tibetan monk who joined the Council of Seven and later formed a international crime gang.

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    The Great Question is the original arch-nemesis of Amazing Man and was a former member of the Council of Seven who trained him as well.

    Malibu Comics

    The Great Question was later revived and cast as the lead villain in the Protectors series.

    Devil's Due/Image Comics


    The Great Question was next seen in a flashback where he was a member of The Crime Cabal, a small group of brilliant criminals consisting of other public domain comic book super-villains (Dr. Mortal, The Puzzler, Dr. Dracula, and Bull Jackson) who managed to defeat Fantomah and obtain her godlike powers

    Gallant Comics

    The Great Question returns, this time as the mysterious benefactor of Dr. Horace Googer, the CEO of Googer Industries. His plans were foiled by Amazing Man and the X-Bureau. He was last seen discussing a new plot with the treacherous Black Angel.


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