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The Great One is a cosmic being that looks like a brain being propelled by a starship. He is vastly enormous. He travels the universe and finds worlds worthy of his collection. They are then placed under his protection. He gives planets the choice and they are able to decine. He is a very peaceful and loving creature and claims that this is his nature.

Once under his protection, all matter is transformed into brain waves and thought patterns and become part of him. This causes the sense of time to stop and all things remain as they are forever.


The Great One found Zenn-La worthy of his protection. Zenn-La was caught in the middle of the Kree-Skrull War and was under constant need of the Silver Surfer's protection. The population voted to be placed under his protection. The Surfer managed to enter the Great One's mind with the help of Moondragon and lived peacefully for weeks and planned to remain there forever.

But the Surfer's prescence brought out much anger in the Great One, who instantly attacked the outsider. The Surfer dealt him a fatal blow and only then did the Great One reveal that it was fear that drove him, because only an outsider could harm him and those in his mind. With Moondragon's help, he saved Zenn-La from the Great One's fate, but lost his love Shalla Bal forever.

Powers and Abilities

The Great One drifts through space in a dream state. He is protected by a nearly impenetrable force field. He has been compared to Galactus in power, but his is the power of the mind. He only leaves his own mind to search for more planets worthy of his protection. Attached to him is a ship of some sort that propels him through space. The speed at which he can travel is never stated.

To those who view the Great One in his own mind, he most likely appears as one of their own race. In the case of Zenn-La, he looked as they did.

In his mind he is quite powerful. He is capable of flight and blasts of energy. He cannot be harmed by those who have agreed to be a part of his realm.

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