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This feels like coming home!

The bat-family had to wait a long time for dick to finally reveal tha he's still alive. In my opinion the way they delivered it was amazing. How they reused interactions of these characters to show how their relationship developed was amazing! But in my opinion the most heartfelt moment of this issue was dick and damian meeting again. I loved them as batman and robin, and their relationship developed into something so beautiful over time. Seeing damians reaction to dick's return was amazing, and just writing about it makes me tear up a little bit! If only for one issue, this was the return that dick deserved. Although his interaction with bruce was a little uptight, one could feel how it tore him up inside to not just hug bruce and tell him the truth. I really liked what the did with grayson so far, but judging by the end of this issue, and by the fact that now they all know that dick is alive, I hope that once in a while at least some of them will stop by or at least call in to say hi, because sad and lonely dick makes me cry (....that came out wrong...)

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    Dick is back in town visiting Bruce while in disguise when suddenly Agent 0 attacks and she wants Grayson back and she doesnt play nice as she blackmails him to rejoin Spyral but in order to make his decision easier she allows him to tell the bat-family he is still alive. Knowing how the family feels about Batman's lies you can imagine how these reunions went, not exactly a hero's welcome, but they felt very natural and therr were some good pages with some dialogue boxes depicting the character...

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