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    Graymalkin is a mutant who gets stronger in darkness. He is currently enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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    Jonas in his human appearance
    Jonas in his human appearance

    Jonas Graymalkin was born over 200 years ago in the late 18th Century to Charles and Marcia Graymalkin in Manchester, New York.

    At the age of 16 his father caught him in the barn engaging in relations with another male. After taking a moment to yell the word "abomination!" his father began to beat him mercilessly. Thinking he was dead his father took him out to the woods and proceeded to bury him. Unbeknownst to Charles, Graymalkin was still alive at the time of his approaching entombment. Being submerged in the dark activated his mutant powers which allowed him to survive for over 200 years.

    He would awake to find Cipher and Eventually the Young X-Men.


    Graymalkin was created by Marc Guggenheim and Yanick Paquette and first appeared in Young X-Men issue 1 (2010).

    Character Evolution

    He was born over 200 years ago and was brutally attacked and almost killed by his father after finding him in a homosexual encounter. Living in the ground for 200 years, his exterior morphed into a gray shell. After he awoken, he would become friends with Cipher, Ink and Anole. Anole is helping him come to terms with his sexuality.

    Major Story Arcs

    Messiah CompleX

    For Further Details: Messiah CompleX

    When Bishop caused one of the Sentinels guarding the Xavier Institute go rogue, the mansion was destroyed and the X-Men vacated the premises and relocated to San Francisco.

    The destruction of the property awoke Greymalkin from his slumber and the unsettled soil helped him emerge from the rubble of the mansion. With the guidance of a young woman named Cipher, he began to explore a world that kept on moving while he was buried underneath the earth.

    Young X-Men

    For Further Details: Young X-Men

     Talking to Himself
    Talking to Himself

    Cipher took Greymalkin to the Danger Cave, a lower level of the mansion where Donald Pierce had recruited several young mutants to form the Young X-Men, under the guise of X-Men leader Cyclops. Greymalkin tried to attack Donald Pierce as well as the New Mutants Pierce had tricked the Young X-Men into fighting. He finally made himself known to the team by taking Blindfold to safety during a battle with a revealed Donald Pierce, who ended up killing Young X-Man Wolf Cub.

    Greymalkin then took part in the Young X-Men's field missions. While being examined by Beast and Emma Frost, Greymalkin showed distrust in others mutant powers, even calling Magma's power's "witchcraft" and refusing Frost's request to scan his mind.

    Despite still adjusting to the new world, Greymalkin helped fend off the Y-Men, the Neo, the Skrull invasion, and a final battle with Donald Pierce. He confided the traumas of his past with teammate Anole. Anole became very protective over Greymalkin, especially during battle, due to Greymalkin's lack of training.


    For Further Details: Utopia

    Graymalkin being attacked
    Graymalkin being attacked

    Greymalkin is next seen alongside Anole, Beast, Dazzler, Northstar, and Hellion, trying to calm an anti-mutant riot at the hands of Simon Trask. Trask had taken to the media to support Proposition X, a proposed law that would strictly monitor mutant breeding. When Hellion provoked the crowd into madness, the humans began attacking the mutants present. Greymalkin sustained minor physical injuries in the riot, but continued to stand firmly with the X-Men as they plan their next move.


    After the break between Cyclops and Wolverine, Graymalkin transferred back to Westchester New York to join many of his fellow mutants in the Jean Grey School for higher learning. This school was set up by Wolverine, whom acted as the headmaster of the new school. Graymalkin remained a student of the school during the many changes in the school, including the death of headmaster Wolverine.

    The New Generation X

    Graymalkin recently joined a group of students in the newly established Xavier School and formed a new team named Generation X.

    Powers and Abilities

    Greymalkin is a mutant with superhuman strength, durability, agility, and stamina. His powers are strengthened in the dark and weakened when he is exposed to light, however he still possesses considerable power even in the light. In a state of darkness, Greymalkin can also prolong his lifespan and sustain nourishment, which has allowed him to live in excess of 200 years.

    Alternate Realities

    Young X-Men: End of Days

     End of Days
    End of Days

    In this reality, most mutants have died, only four good remain: Anole, Graymalkin, Diamond Heart (aka Emma Frost), and Wolverine. Dust is completely different, she is now exposed and has been killing mutants, seeing them as a plague. She kills Wolverine easily and proceeds to kill the rest. She blames Ink, claiming that when he revived her, he took away her soul.

    Other Media

    X2: X-Men United

    Graymalkin is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


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