Team » Graxonites appears in 19 issues.

    Elf-like alien species from the planet Graxos III and Graxos IV.

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    Graxonites are an elf-like humanoid alien species with orange skin and pointed ears. Graxonites hail from Graxos III and Graxos IV from Space Sector 2815.

    The people of Graxos IV are a technologically advanced, civilized culture, while the people of Graxos III are wild savages that live in the jungle and kill each other over food.

    Arisia Rrab of Graxos IV serves as the Green Lantern of Sector 2815. A long line of Graxonites, the Rrab Family, have served in the Green Lantern Corps. Santara and Marata both served in the Corps, until Arisia's father, Fentara, joined the Corps. After his death, Arisia's uncle, Blish became the Green Lantern of Sector 2815. Blish was eventually killed and Arisia took her place among her family's legacy.

    Karu-Sil of Graxos III is the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 2815. After her parents are murdered, Karu-Sil is taken in by a pack of wild beasts and to fit in with her new family, deliberately scars her own face. Green Lantern Blish, believing she is in danger, kills the beasts and rescues her. Karu-Sil now swears vengeance on Arisia for what happened to her.


    Graxonites have the ability to recover from great injury that would otherwise kill a human being. They enter a death-like state while their body repairs itself.

    While living on Earth, Arisia was believed to be murdered by Major Force. Years later Hal Jordan discovered her unconscious body, along with the Lost Lanterns, on the Manhunter home planet, Biot. It turned out her body was healing itself after she was buried and Cyborg Superman had her taken to Biot.


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