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    Greg Willis was a normal teenager until a mysterious accident changed his life forever. Now known as the hero Gravity, Willis sets out to make his impact on the Marvel Universe.

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    From an unknown accident, Greg can now manipulate gravity and decides that he will become a superhero. He enrolled in New York University and started his superhero career there.


    Gravity was created by Sean McKeever and Mike Norton and first appeared in Gravity #1 in 2005.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hero in New York

    Helps out Rage
    Helps out Rage

    During his first day, he encountered a fight between Rage and Black Death, a homicidal anarchist made of black energy.Unfortunately, Greg thought that Rage is the villain and let Black Death get away. In his college, he meets his roommate, who has ADHD and a fanatic of superheroes, and Laura Singh, a fellow freshman herself.

    On day, while defeating Rhino, he caught the attention of the Daily Bugle. Because of his icon in his costume, which is pattern like an X, people who are reading the newspaper think he is a mutant. Becoming insecure of his career as a superhero, he meets up with another superhero, the Greenwich Guardian, the self-proclaimed protector of Greenwich village, and they patrol the city. Disturbed by his new partner's violent nature, Gravity search for Black Death on his own. Because of his relationship with Laura has gotten deeper. Greg decides to quit the super-heroics.

    But later, the Greenwich Guardian pressured Greg to help him to defeat Black Death. In doing so, he misses out his date with Laura. She doesn't want to forgive him, his college adviser tells him that his grades are slipping. Greg meets up again with the Greenwich Guardian to trap Black Death. But was tricked by the Guardian who revealed himself to be Black Death. He planned on using Gravity's power to destroy the Greenwich village and New York University, but Greg defeated him but escaped. After the fight, Spider-Man came to him and congratulate him for a job well done. Later, in a cafe, Greg meets up with Laura and said that to her that he's planning to drop out of college and return home. Laura was disappointed on Greg and gave him a pep talk. After that, he decide to stay for another semester and now more confident on his abilities goes off to stop another supervillain, Brushfire. Meanwhile, Black Death is trying to find out the identity of Greg in the NYU website.


    After fighting a Brushfire, he was suddenly teleported to another planet. There he was with Spider-Man, Venom, Hank Pym, Wasp, Medusa, Alyosha Kravinoff (Kraven the Hunter), Firebird and The Hood. They were sent there by the Beyonder to battle each other to see who would win. Hank seems to have killed all of them and demands his reward. It was revealed that the Beyonder is actually The Stranger. Little that The Stranger knew that Hank simply shrink the others and after getting them back to normal size, they all fought The Stranger. When Uatu the Watcher revealed himself, The Stranger got intimidated by his presence and left the planet. The planet soon began to crumble, as it was being held by The Stranger's powers. So, Gravity volunteered to be left behind to hold the planet long enough for the others to escape. The strain killed him, and back on earth, all of those he saved mourned for him, even Venom. It has been hinted that Gravity's destiny still awaits for him, as Uatu was there to witness his death, and when a Watcher appear on an event, it means that its a very important event.

    Trivia: Gravity was slated to become the next Captain Marvel. The plan was to revive him after his death in the mini-series "Beyond!". He would then become a remade Captain Marvel. Plans for this however never materialized because in Civil War, the 'real' Captain Marvel came back (whom later turned out to be a Skrull).


    Protector Of The Universe
    Protector Of The Universe

    Gravity was resurrected and made into the new Protector of the Universe by Epoch since Quasar was dead. Shortly after being reborn, Gravity battles a hungry Galactus, whom is trying to feed on Epoch.

    Gravity exhausts his cosmic awareness by feeding Galactus, and refuses to take the powers back. He then returns to Earth with the Fantastic Four, claiming that he still has his original gravity control powers, and sets off to reunite with his loved ones. When the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, and the Silver Surfer are trying to save the universe, Uatu made a deal with Gravity, that he will restore his secret identity if he could use his powers to cut away the bad parts of the universe.

    The Initiative

    Its been revealed that Gravity has joined the Initiative and was assigned to the Nevada team, The Heavy Hitters as it's leader. the other members of the team is Hardball, Non-Stop and Telemetry. During the Secret Invasion, the Heavy Hitters help the Skrull Kill Krew in defeating skrulls posing as Equinox and Thor Girl. Later, Gravity and Komodo tried to get back Hardball away from Hydra, but Hardball chose to be with Hydra because of the betrayal of the two heroes against him. Hardball then became the supreme ruler of Hydra. When Norman Osborn gained control over the initiative, He put Prodigy as leader of the Heavy Hitters and reassigned Gravity to be the leader of the superhero team in Wisconsin, Great Lakes Initiative.

    Young Allies

    Greg Willis has recently been seen as a member of the new team Young Allies. (Who aren't a team as of yet.) Greg was discussing capital punishment with friends on the NYU campus when The Bastards of Evil chose to attack New York. He immediately aides the other Young Allies, preventing Warhead from harming police officers. Gravity is enraged at Warhead's history and attacks him whilst he's on the floor until Singularity defends his teammate. Gravity breaks free from a stalemate with Singularity, in time to witness Warhead creating an explosion.

    Fear Itself

    Commander Steve Rogers informs Prodigy of the unknown meteors that have fallen from the heavens and mass panic is on the horizon. Rogers asks Prodigy to gather heroes on a volunteer basis to help keep the peace and lead a new Initiative where there is no forced conscription or registration. Prodigy agrees to become the leader of the new Initiative and most of the former Initiative members including Gravity gather in Washington DC. Gravity and Firestar would co-lead a team and help evacuate some children from a burning building alongside teammate, Frog-Man.


    Gravity can manipulate gravitons, the particles that cause gravity. He can change the weight of objects, fly, or form a force field.


    Known Relatives: Richard Willis (father) & Mary Willis (mother).

    Citizenship: Citizen of the United State, potentially with a criminal record.

    Place of Birth: Sheboygan, Wisconsin

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Adventurer & Student (Formerly, Protector of the Universe)

    Education: College level education; New York University

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 175 lbs (80 kg)

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Brown

    Alternate Realities


    In the Marvel Zombiverse, Gravity has become a zombie and is seen about to take a bite out of Nova, but he evaded him.


    On Earth-6215, Gravity is a member of the League of Losers. Here, Greg and X-23 are in a relationship.


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