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    Ulysses Hazard was a special commando operative code-named "Gravedigger". The Gravedigger served in the European theater of operations throughout the course of the war. His actions following World War II have yet to be recorded.

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    After overcoming Polio as a child, Ulysses Hazard worked to strengthen his body, relearning how to walk and run. As a result, the native of Birmingham, Alabama excelled in every way. He enlisted at the outbreak of WW-II and once again proved exceptional in his training, becoming an expert marksman and developed skill of stamina. Frustrated at being continually sent on graves detail simply because of the color of his skin. Hazard's friend was killed by a Nazi fighter plane and Hazard went AWOL. Journeying to Washington D.C., he slipped past security and broke into the Offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to prove he was more than just a gravedigger. Impressed, they turned him into a one-man unit, sending him on secret missions in the European Theatre of Operations. Hazard was in a mission in the Sahara and he suffered an injury that left a cross shaped scar at the bridge of his nose and ran across his forehead. His post WW-II whereabouts remain unrecorded.

    Gravedigger survived to the point of the America's bicentennial. He rose to General in the military. He met up with the Losers, Jeb Stuart, and Mademoiselle Marie.

    The New 52

    Gravedigger and his associates capture Joe Rock and his "Easy Company". Gravedigger is alluded to have fought during the 1800's. He fought during The Civil War and survived, fighting in the Army of the Potomac in the Battle of the Rebellion. How his origins are tied to WW II and beyond are not recorded.

    Other Media


    Black Lightning

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    Gravedigger made his debut in Season 3 of Black Lightning. In Black Lightning, Gravedigger is a metahuman, a villain (more of an antagonist, it might be argued) and a member of the Markovian army. He has ties to World War II, and his existence has major implications for the Arrowverse.


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