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Inspired by Silicon City’s colorful superheroes and villains, Billy Craven donned a skull-faced mask and Halloween skeleton costume to originally name himself the Headstone!


After a successful spree of fast-food and convenience store robberies, Headstone ran afoul of the hero Bedbug. Mortified by his lame super-villain name, Bedbug re-christened him the Grave Robber. Craven liked the name and has used it ever since.

Since in jail, Craven has dedicated himself to bettering himself in the hopes of taking his rightful place as Bedbug’s archenemy.

Weapons and Abilities

During his robberies, Grave Robber carried his prized possession, a six-shooter owned by the 50’s mystery man; Quickdraw. He also carries a Sonic Shovel that creates vibrations strong enough to cut through metal or release a reverberating shock wave when slammed onto the ground. He is, at best, a mediocre hand-to-hand combatant.


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