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    Doug Taggert was a superhero called the Grasshopper. He abruptly died almost immediately after joining the Great Lakes Avengers. There have been subsequent Grasshoppers all whom have also been cursed with a short lifespan.

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    Doug Taggert

    Roxxon security Doug Taggert got a power suit and became the ever-gregarious Grasshopper. It is not known where, and how Taggert got his suit. Doug does have a crush on a fellow employee at Roxxon named Cindy Shelton. Cindy Shelton is in love with Grasshopper, not Doug Taggert. He attacked Batroc's Brigade when they were commiting a crime. The Great Lakes Initiative (called the Great Lakes Avengers at that time) came and assisted him. Doorman offered Grasshopper membership, which Grasshopper accepted. Right after he accepted, Zaran threw a sai at Doorman. The sai went through Doorman, without harming him. The sai did hit directly into Grasshopper's head and Grasshopper died.

    He is notable for having the shortest membership on any team ever.


    Grasshopper has the ability to jump far distances, telescopic eyes, and Insectroid Sensors. The Insectroid Sensors are much like a danger sense. The jumping ability is due to the large legs in the armor. Kicking while in this armor causes much damage.


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