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    The Grapplers were a group of mostly female wrestlers, led by Auntie Freeze. The original group worked for Roxxon, and the second were a division of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

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    Auntie Ann "Freeze" Frayely, a retired female wrestler, leads a loose band of female wrestlers. She and several other female wrestlers, despite their great talent and personality, were denied the same income and opportunities as their male counterpart.

    Titania, who was one of the members as well as Auntie Freeze's right hand, was contacted by the leader of Roxxon Oil Corporation. She was given a chance to provide income for her group if she agreed to perform covert operations for the company and they all agreed

    They were sent to accompany Thundra, a female warrior, to destroy " Project Pegasus" which was a government project which threatened Roxxon's energy interests. They failed in their mission and they were sent to jail. When they were paroled, worse comes to worst when they find out that their female wrestling movement lost fame and momentum when they were away. The four females turned to a life of petty robberies to support their themselves.

    The Entrance of Newcomers

    Auntie Freeze started scouting for new blood. Edward Garner, a wrestling promoter, started " Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation" for wrestlers who were barred from other wrestling promotions due to their superhuman abilities. Auntie Freeze came into terms with Garner and created a female division for the UCWF. Tension mounted between the newcomers and the original members of their movement but they were all pleased as they all turned away from a life of crime as they received new income.

    A while later, Auntie Freeze came into contact with "Power Broker Inc." which was an agency that augments an individuals strength to superhuman size for a high price. Auntie Freeze sent all of her wrestlers to the power broker and they were now formerly known as "The Grapplers".

    The tension resulted into a one on one battle for leadership over the grapplers between Battleaxe and Titania with Titania losing the bout. Titania would soon lose her life to a man named "The Scourge". The Grapplers thought The Thing was behind her death and the entire group fought againts him. Sharon Ventura then arrived at the scene aiding Ben clearing him of all accusations.

    Later however, Letha would also lose her life to the same individual that killed Titania, The Scourge of the Underworld. The Grapplers have likely since disbanded, as Screaming Mimi would go on to become Songbird and Poundcakes would continue as a freelance mercenary.

    Recently, the Hood revived Letha and Titania, giving them new abilities while allowing them to retain their superhuman strength and durability. Titania adopted the new codename Lascivious to go with her new powers. They have attacked the Punisher on numerous occasions, being forced to kill the vigilante in order to stay alive themselves.

    The Grapplers have since reformed, complete with a new Screaming Mimi. They encountered their old teammate, Songbird, who was surprised to see both Letha and Lascivious alive. Although the Grapplers attacked Songbird, they were defeated, and the new Screaming Mimi was able to overcome Lascivious' control.

    Poundcakes has also committed crimes in tandem with Battleaxe and Gladiatrix from the UCWF Grapplers stable, but they did not call themselves the Grapplers.


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