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    Grant Wilson is the son of Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke the Terminator . He is known as the first Ravager. His sister is Rose Wilson, who later adopted the identity of Ravager.

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    This page is for the 1st Ravager, Grant Wilson.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Wilsons

    Grant's parents met while in service to the United States Army, where Adeline Kane had been Slade Wilson's instructor in guerilla warfare. They quickly fell in love and later wed.

    As Slade was called into service, Adeline gave birth to a son, Grant. Slade continued on active duty, and volunteered for a medical experiment in resisting truth serums. The experiment had an unforeseen side effect: it gave Slade enhanced strength and heightened reflexes. Shortly after this, Adeline gave birth to a second son, Joseph William Wilson.

    Slade soon was discharged from the army. He took up hunting for awhile, but it failed to quench his thirst for the life he once led. Unknown to his wife and family, Slade secretly became a mercenary known as Deathstroke, the Terminator. Although Slade was gone for weeks a time, he was a good father. He was closest to Grant, who idolized him. But Slade also loved Joseph, who preferred music over fighting and painting over guns.

    Adeline and Deathstroke together confronted the Jackal in an alleyway in Tangiers. Slade refused to give the Jackal the information he requested, because it would violate his professional code of ethics. Slade gambled he could react fast enough to save his son; He saved Joseph's life, but not before one of Jackal's men had begun to slit his throat. Joseph was now mute. Slade always needed to be the best. But now, his own son suffered for his monumental ego.

    Adeline - furious at Slade's betrayal and the risking of her son's life - confronted Slade at gunpoint. Only Slade's quick reflexes saved his life, but he lost his right eye due to the gunshot inflicted by his wife. Adeline then divorced Slade and raised her two sons by herself. Grant followed in his father's footsteps and attended military school.

    The Revenge Of The Ravager

    Grant was a sullen and angry child who both loved his father and hated him. He ran away when he was seventeen and moved to New York's East Village, where he joined the local teen gangs.

    His life was thrown into disarray when the alien Starfire crashed into his apartment as she escaped her Gordanian captors. His apartment suffered even more damage as the New Teen Titans entered the scene. Grant demanded reparation for damages, but was told he would not be compensated. A bitter and angry man to begin with, Grant's rage toward the Titans festered. Things became worse when he arrived at his ex-girlfriend Carol's apartment and tried to win her back. When Grant started to get rough, Wonder Girl and Starfire intervened and chased him away.

    The criminal organization known as the H.I.V.E. offered to amplify Grant's natural abilities artificially so he could exact his revenge on the Teen Titans, whom he blamed for ruining his life. Grant was offered his position in H.I.V.E. by the Jackal, who, unbeknownst to Grant, was actually trying to get Grant killed, in order to get to Slade. Grant Wilson was the instrument of destruction to unleash on the Titans, since the H.I.V.E. were unsuccessful in recruiting Deathstroke – Grant’s own father – for that same mission. Grant received powers and a costume reminiscent of his father's and named himself the Ravager. Whereas Deathstroke’s abilities were amplified so that 90% of his brain capacity was being used, the H.I.V.E. offered to increase Grant's mental faculties to 100%. This made the powers unstable, a fact the H.I.V.E. knew well in advance.

    The Ravager attacked the Titans, but his attempts to kill them were interrupted by Deathstroke. Ravager fought alongside Deathstroke, never knowing his fellow mercenary was also his father. Deathstroke was there to save his son’s life, only to be forced into a battle he never wished to wage. Then, tragedy struck. The experiment was a failure, and Grant’s powers proved too taxing for his body. Slade Wilson could only watch as the Ravager – his first born son – died in his arms.

    Upon Grant’s death, Slade swore to fulfill his son’s contract and destroy the Teen Titans in his stead. This, of course, was exactly what the H.I.V.E. engineered all along. They planned Grant's death in order to force Deathstroke into their employ.


    Grant was temporarily resurrected by Brother Blood to guard Kid Eternity. In the Teen Titans tie-in to the Blackest Night crossover, Grant Wilson was reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps, attacking father and half-sister, Rose.

    Grant also appeared in Booster Gold, where he was manipulated into killing the Teen Titans by the time traveling Black Beetle (who used his powers to prevent Grant's body from deteriorating during the fight). However, Booster Gold saved the day by posing as Deathstroke (with the the Titan Raven's aid) during Grant's death in order to ensure that the past remained unchanged.

    The New 52

    Apparent Revival

    In the New 52, Deathstroke is offered a job to go and steal some 'Nuclear Secrets'. However, when he retrieves the package and opens it, it is apparent to the reader that the contents of the package are not the nuclear secrets but something else, even though the reader cannot see what exactly is contained within the box. Slade Wilson (Deathstroke's alter ego) however does not like the fact that his employer sent him to retrieve this because apparently the package sent a specific message to Slade and it could not be a coincidence that someone sent Slade specifically to retrieve it. Later, it is revealed that the package is actually Grant Wilson's old Ravager mask along with his blade. It also seems that the blood on it is fresh enough that there is a possibility Grant is still alive, though he is supposed to have died some years ago in an undisclosed incident. He appears to have been beaten and killed in an explosion by Midnighter.

    Grant was hired to kill his father by the wealthy parents of a girl who was a part of the mercenary group Slade worked with, and later killed, because he didn't like competition. Through flashbacks to his home life and training you see Grant's struggle for approval from his father, but also his incredible ability. Grant goes on to confront his father in a hybrid of Legacy armor and his own. After subduing a wounded and tired Deathstroke, Grant is suddenly electrocuted; but not by Deathstroke. The parents of the girl who Slade killed are revealed to have put Grant down for lying about his connection to Deathstroke. The girl's parents give Deathstroke the option of killing Grant instead of being a target for their assassins, however Deathstroke tells them 'he has no son', and that he doesn't 'negotiate'. Slade then stabs the father in the stomach, leaving him to bleed out; the mother pulls a gun and shoots Slade a few times, but to no effect, as Slade grins and stabs her through the face. Slade falls to the ground from loss of blood; Grant picks up his sword and contemplates killing his father, but in the end, he leaves him to live. Grant's hatred toward his father may stem from his father's manipulation of his brother's and mother's apparent death by the North Koreans that attacked their home.

    Grant has resurfaced yet again with his mother and is under the control of his brother Jericho. Grant was used as a distraction to keep Wade and Rose distracted long enough for Jericho to gain control of Majestic, an engineered hero with powers similar to Superman.

    DC: Rebirth

    As of DC Rebirth, Grant's story has been reverted to a story similar to the original. For reasons unknown, Grant joined up with H.I.V.E, and subsequently died while he was a member.

    Powers and Abilities

    Grant has enhanced strength, regeneration and reflexes. He is proficient in the use of conventional weapons.

    In the New 52 Universe, Grant has enhanced speed, strength, regeneration, longevity and reflexes, along with skill in the use of knives, swords and guns. He was able to defeat a slightly wounded and tired Deathstroke, and subdue him.


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