Grant Morrison on NPR

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I just caught this in the car 3 or 4 hours ago and thought it was somewhat interesting.

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Fact I learned: Grant Morrison tried his hand at cross-dressing while writing the Invisible.
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Great find! I kind of have to disagree with his idea that Superman is the socialist and Batman is a socialite. I think it's more complex than that and neither character is defined by a political ideology. I think that they are both devoted to equality and justice without bias towards one class or the other. But I wholly agree with his argument for why comics are just as good - if not better, in some cases - than other mediums. Due to the high cost that it requires to produce a movie, television show, or video game nowadays, their entertainment value declines from having too many cooks in the kitchen - too much influence from producers and studios and too much work being divided between ever larger departments. Anybody who sat through the ending of Captain America or Thor would recognize just how different movie making is than it was ten or twenty years ago just judging by the length of the credits. But with comic books, there is typically a writer, a penciler, an inker, a letterer, and an editor. And that's it. So it would be a shame to see comics go under because then there wouldn't be room for such a pure artform any longer and we'll be stuck in a world filled with Battleships and Transformers XIVs. :(

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@cosmo111687: His argument for comics was compelling. I don't think he was stating either Superman or Batman are defined by those ideologies but rather the differences between the two are considerable, such as the difference between socialism and capitalism, but then again I could be totally wrong haha.
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Interesting stuff!

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