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Hey, I'm moving and gotta sell my stuff. What's the going rate for a pristine New X-men Omnibus , Grant Morrisonbeing the primary dude?
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...3 dollars. But I'll buy it from you for 5 because I'm a nice guy.

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Honestly I'm not sure there is a price, as it's out of print now, I never see them on ebay. but on amazon new one's from other sellers are 585 dollars, while used ones are like 250.
But don't get any ideas no one will pay that much, it's just the way the market is with out of print books. And since there never on ebay and it's the most likely place your going to sell it. You can most likely dictate how much you want for it, and as long as it's not ridculous you'll most likely get it, I don't think you'll be getting the 250, maybe 200 or around that mark.

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yeah, I saw Amazon. I watched one on ebay go up to 305 and then sell at 210. I got a bunch of stuff from the old Warner Bros. Studio Store. I'd like to punch whoever decided to close those in the nuts...

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