Grant I

    Character » Grant I appears in 1 issues.

    One of the Grendel Khans that ruled after Jupiter I.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Devil's Apprentice

    Grant I is a Grendel-Khan, or ruler of the world. He is a veteran of battles in Serbia (perhaps the battles described in Devil's Choices), where he had one of his lungs replaced with a cybernetic implant, and Siberia, where he was once again wounded and saved by Lydia Garcia.

    Garcia comes to see him much later. Her Grendel clan was killed by vampires. The only survivors are herself and a baby, Aaron, who was born from a human, John Crow, who was turning into a vampire at the time of death. The baby was born with red eyes, like a vampire, but is otherwise human. She wants permission from Grant to keep custody of the boy and use him as bait for Crow, who she thinks will be a very dangerous vampire.

    Since he owes her for saving him in Siberia, Grant reluctantly agrees to her request.

    Little else is known about Grant I. Based on the year that he met Lydia (2659), he seems to have been Grendel-Khan some time in-between Jupiter I (who was assassinated in 2603) and Jupiter III (who died of self-inflicted wounds in 2707). No information is available about Jupiter II.


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