Grant Gustin

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    An American actor most well known for his role as Barry Allen in the television shows Arrow and The Flash.

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    Gustin first appeared in the show as the character Barry Allen in the episode "The Scientist" in Season 2 of the TV Show Arrow. Barry is a CSI from Central City who arrives in Starling City stating that he believes that Super powered human beings exist and were responsible for the death of his mother when he was 11 years old.

    Barry eventually saves Oliver Queen's life, and although Oliver is initially reluctant to trust Barry, he is eventually welcomed as apart of team Arrow. Barry seems to have a connection with Felicity Smoak, he tells her that if she decides that Oliver is not the right person for her than he will be there for her.

    Barry returns to Central City in time for the activation of the particle accelerator. He is struck by a beam of lightning and left in a coma.

    The Flash

    Gustin will have the starring role as Barry in the The Flash TV Show.


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