Grande Dame

    Character » Grande Dame appears in 10 issues.

    Queen of fairy land and ally of Generation X

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    She ruled over fairy land for centuries during which time no humans had entered the land. When the machine broke down and Generation x arrived, she took it upon herself to try and con them into fixing the glamor machine by way of a fake mythical scroll which foretold they would be the heroes who would fix the land. Skin found her out and called her out on it once she confessed the M-twins started fixing the machine much to her delight .

    She oversaw the fixing of the machine and welcomed the gnomes of her land once they brought Synch and Chamber before her. Once the machine was powered up by Jono her home returned to normalcy and she used her powers to return the team back to earth.


    She can fly and levitate due to her butterfly like wings. She can teleport herself and other by way of “Fairy dust” which she carries in a pouch.
    Facts:  Mrs Gwynn and Pixie are both very fairylike in ability and appearance and may or may not be of the same race or relation as Grande Dame.
    Their are also Fairies from a world called Avalon who have wings and ears like them Tink and her father the fairy king Oberon.

    Status of Grande Dame

    Citizenship: Fairyland 
    Place of Birth: Fairyland
    Marital Status: Single  
    Occupation: Queen, adventurer
    Education: not applicable  
    Gender: Female  
    Height: 5'7"  
    Weight: 130 lbs

    Unusual Features:Pink skin, long pointy ears and butterfly/insect like wings


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