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    Grand Regent Thragg is the leader of the Viltrumite Empire who was bred and trained from birth to be the absolute strongest and most skilled Viltrumite alive. He rules his empire with an iron fist.

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    Grand Regent Thragg was trained since birth to be one of the strongest, most skilled fighters, and leaders for the Viltrumite Empire. He took over as leader of his people in his late teens (Earth years) and focused his reign on finding a way for the Viltrumite Empire to move past the Scourge Virus and for his race to survive.


    Thragg was created by Robert Kirkman, his first appearance was in Invincible Returns #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    When Conquest escaped from Earth, Thragg was shocked to discover Mark Grayson had defeated him. He wanted to kill conquest for his failure but gave him one more chance. Due to a mole deep within the Coalition of Planets he receives news of their next steps in their war plans which opens the opportunity to attack Mark's ship on its way to Talescria. The attack proved to be successful in the initial stages, the starship used by the Coalition of Planets was destroyed but due to the determination of Mark he manages to kill Conquest before he killed Oliver. Thragg receives report of this as the Viltrumite war escalates. The Coalition begin to gain the upper hand due to their use of weapons lethal to even Viltrumites. Despite his efforts the war seemed to be swinging in favor of the Coalition. Things worsen for him after he receives news that Mark Grayson had actually killed Conquest. Unable to accept defeat, he decided to stage an attack on Talescria and kill Thaedus himself. However the Grayson's intervene, destroying the main vessels along with Thaedus and thwart the invasion. With the dawn of war in sight and the Coalition the clear winners, he decided to assemble the viltrumites back on Viltrum to gather their forces and confidence.

    Emerging from Viltrum to face his attackers
    Emerging from Viltrum to face his attackers

    However a preemptive attack lead by Thaedus, the Graysons, Tech Jacket and Space Racer rifles his plans. During the intense fighting the planet Viltrum is destroyed by Thaedus, Nolan (Omni-Man) and Mark Grayson (Invincible). He flies into a rage after seeing his heritage destroyed by traitors and kills Thaedus by severing his head from his body. Thragg then breaks Oliver's jaw and snaps his arm off. However the cost of war has proved great, only 35 full blooded Viltrumites are left alive. He mortally wounds Mark and Nolan and then flies off, vowing to continue the Viltrumite legacy elsewhere.

    Mark deduces that because they destroyed Viltrum, Thragg will surely go to Earth and destroy it. After a confrontation on the planet, Thragg reveals that due to the dwindling population of Viltrumites he decided that they would come here, blend in and would interbreed with humans due to the great success it has proved (Mark Grayson). He tells Mark and his father that if they attempt to stop him he and the other viltrumites will completely destroy earth. If they do agree to a truce, the Viltrumites will interbreed for several generations until their numbers reach a formidable size and then retake the stars once again. A few months later, Alan the Alien and Kid Omni-Man had discovered that the last members of the Viltrumites were on Earth and while the new Scourge virus they had would possibly killed off humans too, they decided to use it on Earth, but were stopped by both Thragg and Invincible. However, Thragg sought a more diplomatic solution to the attack before the Guardians of the Globe appeared and Oliver decided to use the virus on Earth, but during a battle with his brother, the virus was released on Invincible. Knowing that the death of Invincible would destroy everything between Earth and the Coalition of Planets. Thragg used his doctors along with Earth's and Dinosaurus to find a cure for Mark, but in the process learned a shocking secret behind Invincible's family line that had to be hidden at all costs.

    Realizing that no one else could know the secret behind Mark's hertiage due to the fact that he is a traitor to his own people. Thragg disposed of the doctor who found out about the secret and tried to kill Mark himself because he was not worthy of leading his people. However, Dinosaurus caught Thragg trying to kill Mark and took mark away to safety while unsuccessfully trying to fight back.

    Thragg was deposed by the Viltrumites after he attempted to kill Omni-Man who was the true heir to rule over the Viltrumite people but rather than have him executed, he was banished. Thragg would not be so easily deterred from bringing the Viltrumite Empire back to its former glory and set out to find a means of raising an army to do just that. Thragg's intent would bring him to the world that Omni-man had once spent time upon, the Thraxan homeworld where just as Omni-man had, Thragg started a family but his family would be made of hundreds of Thraxan women producing numerous offspring for his new army and empire.

    Battle Beast was sent to track down and kill Thragg and while successful in finding Thragg, he was unsuccessful in ending his life as the two nearly destroyed much of the Thraxan homeworld and only partially delayed Thragg's rise to power. Thragg now wears Battle Beast's pelt as a trophy of his victory over one of Allen's greatest allies.

    Thragg has since been using his new children, who age relatively rapidly to conquer worlds and expand his new empire.

    While Mark was in his coma for five years, Thragg was rebuilding the ranks of Viltrum Empire and all of his children have reached adolescence. He makes a move on Talescria with having his daughter, Ursaal attack one of their major buildings. Later, he breaks up a skirmish between his son Onann and Ursaal. Oliver, acting as a double agent for Thragg, asks to meet him in person. Thragg, in the meantime, kills some Rognarrs in front of his other children, and then orders Onann and Ursaal to kill Mark Grayson. Thragg calls Oliver again to inform him that he has located Mark and that he will kill him and his family, despite Oliver's wishes. Thragg arrives and grabs Terra. As she struggles against Thragg, Oliver intervenes, allowing her to escape. After a short battle, Thragg impales Oliver and kills him in front of Terra. Mark holds Onann hostage asking that Thragg let him go. Mark kills Onann and begins attacking Thragg. Thragg gains the other hand and rips Mark in half while Ursaal seemingly kills Eve. He leaves Terra to die.

    After some events, the final battle arrives in which Thragg, with his half-breed army, fight Invincible co. Eventually, he faces Omni-Man who he rips in half, Invincible then bullrushes him on the Sun’s surface and the two dish it out, they then go for a dip inside it, after a hard-fought battle, Invincible (with help) is the victor, Thragg disintegrates inside the Sun whilst Invincible was saved by Allen in the last second.


    His Viltrumite physiology grants him many superpowers such as flight, superhuman strength (capable of easily throwing punches inside the Sun despite its immense multi-trillion ton force holding him back), invulnerability, decelerated aging, dominant DNA, superhuman speed (FTL reactions), interstellar travel (MFTL flight), enhanced lung capacity, self-healing capabilities, superhuman stamina; expert hand-to-hand combatant, intimidation, tactical analysis, leadership, charisma, indomitable will; vulnerability to ear balancing, the scourge virus, and ragnars.


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