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The Grand Overseer is the representative of the Iridiax Quadrant of the Gorgiin system. She speaks with the Uni-Lord and tells his message to the people. She controls the Territorial Troopers to fight against the rebels.

The Uni-Lord speaks to her when the Silver Surfer arrives from another universe. He tells her that the rebel situation has grown intolerable and all rebel leaders must be captured an executed, or her planet and all others in her system will not survive. She gives her oath that this will be done despite her previous failures to end the rebellion. She is given the pieces of the Silver Surfer to show all that the Uni-Lord is omnipotent.

She unleashes the Territorial Troopers on the population and they are ordered to kill all in their sights. She pleads with the people that this is the only way or they will surely all die by the Uni-Lord's Blackbodies. She tells them the rebels are the cause of her actions and if they know any rebels to turn them in immediately.

She begins to melt down the Surfer's pieces to make a monument to the Uni-Lord at Harquis Tey's request. But she has been told that he is one of the rebels by Khirn and she has her guards kill him. She promises Khirn to be rich beyond his wildest dreams for his actions and names him Master Overseer. She plans an auction for the pieces of the Gleambody.

But she soon finds that Khirn acted out of greed. She uses him as bait to lure the remaining rebels and succeeds. This was the plan of Pradda Fol and he is awarded a piece of the Gleambody before they are all auctioned off. But the piece transforms Pradda into a Silver Skyrider and leaves the planet against her wishes.

The Uni-Lord eventually decides to assimilate the planet and even though the Grand Overseer pleads for her life and to continue serving the Uni-Lord, her request is denied. She dies along with every other Iridian.


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