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    Grand Moff Willhuf Tarkin was one of the 12 Grand Moffs of his day, Governor and leader of the planet Eriadu and it's local systems, overseer of the first Death Stars creation and later Death Stars commander. Tarkin was considered the architect of the Empire by Sidious himself, and was one of the most important personalities of the Galactic Empire.

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    Willhuf Tarkin was a human male, born (64 BBY) on the OuterRim's, far from the Republic's core, planet of Eriadu. Though it seems insignificant, Eriadu was a very important industrial planet and became one of the OuterRims most active and most important trade centers right after the bankruptcy of Trade Federation, due to their loses at Naboo crysis. Willhuf came from the very wealthy family of Tarkins, the rulers of Eriadu and whole Seswenna sector for centuries, crushing anyone or anything who stood on their path of absolute leadership. Following old Tarkins tradition, with the goal to temper their families children into becoming the capable survivors, cold blooded killers and excellent marksmen and pilots, Willhufs father ordered his brother, Willhuf's uncle Jova Tarkin, to take young, sixteen years old, carefree Willhuf to the wild jungles of Eriadu, where he learned how to stay alive and how to fight the wild predators, it was either kill or die, pass the test, or leave your bones in the jungle. As a child, later on, Tarkin would face the series of brutal test that would improve his skills as a warrior and as a pilot, as well as his strategy in combat, making of him a perfect military individual, more than a perfect Admiral to serve his Emperor's cause and to lead his armies.

    Days before the Clone Wars and during the Clone Wars

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    Tarkin began his career as a pilot of the Republics Outland Regions Security Force and that was where he first met a wealthy senator of his neighboring planet, Naboo. He and Palpatine discussed the incompetence of the Republic to maintain order and security for it's population, as well as the corruption of the senate and chancellor Valorum at the most. Palptaine told him that he is meant to do a great things and that he doesn't deserve to be in the RORSF, Palpatine told him that he should join politics, but Willhuf refused, for now. Willhuf made a name for himself in RORSF by saving the lives of three soldiers and by being one of the most skilled individuals they ever had, but as Tarkin noticed that the Separatist Crisis is growing into something bigger than just riots around the Republic systems, he changed his mind and contacted Palpatine, where they met on Coruscant. Palpatine had very powerful friends, so he ensured that Tarkin becomes The Governor of the Eriadu and the whole Seswenna sector. A few short weeks before the Clone War began, richest man in the galaxy, Count Dooku visited Eriadu and together he and Tarkin had a pleasant dinner, all the way until Dooku asked Tarkin to join him and to pledge Eriadu's economic power to the soon formed Separatist Alliance, in the conflicts to come, as a return he was promised security, fame and power. Tarkin refused, remaining loyal the Palpatine, now chancellor Palpatine, and few days after the battle of Geonosis, Tarkin took a place as the fleet admiral, getting assigned under the command of Jedi Master Even Piell under whos command he served during the whole war. Near the very end of the war, Palpatine promoted Tarkin to Grand Moff's status.


    Willhuf Tarkin was created by George Lucas and first appeared in the A New Hope movie (1977) and later on in the one of the very first Star Wars comic ''Star Wars #1'' as a commander of the newfound powerful battle station that is capable of destroying whole planets.

    Tarkin was originally suppose to be a religious leader of the Aquilae species. But this was later changed on so that Tarkin could be one of the villains of the movie.


    Tarkin was an intelligent man with a will of iron. His determination was, perhaps, his greatest asset. When he sets his mind to goal, he will stop at nothing to achieve it. This was further backed up by his cunning and intellect. This got him a rank of command almost completely unmatched, aside for Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine themselves. He also had a great deal of dignity, to the point of arrogance. This lead him to not only enjoy his authority, but exploit it. He is always attempting to make himself superior to all of his contemporaries or lessers in any way possible, whether it be subtly or in the most obvious of manner. His self-confidence and dignity even took away almost any fear he had towards the Sith, and spoke with Vader on even terms.


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