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    A co-worker of Peter Parker's at Horizon Labs.

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    Grady Scraps is the comical co-worker of Peter Parker. He is, just like Peter, a member of the Lucky Seven think-tank at Horizon Labs.


    Grady Scraps is the creation of writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 648 (2011).

    Major Story Arcs

    Big Time

    Grady Scraps is first introduced during the Big Time story arc of Amazing Spider-Man.


    When the events of Spider-Island began to take place, Grady Scraps worked closely with Mister Fantastic and his fellow members at Horizon Labs to develop a cure for the spider virus that was plaguing New York City.

    Post Spider-Island

    Grady Scraps was in the spotlight in a two issue Amazing Spider-Man storyline entitled I Killed Tomorrow. Peter Parker was assigned to look over Grady's work. Grady Scraps showed Peter Parker the doorway to tomorrow that he developed. When Grady went through the door he came back through with a Daily Bugle newspaper of another normal day in New York City. When Parker went through the door, however, disaster is what he and Grady saw. This led Parker and Scraps to believe that a day without Peter Parker will lead to a catastrophic disaster. What Grady Scraps does not know is that Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man. Peter enlisted the help of his "friend" Spider-Man so that they can all try and figure out how to save tomorrow.

    Grady Scraps told Spider-Man everything he was supposed to do on "good" tomorrow (based on the Daily Bugle newspaper from the normal day of tomorrow). Peter Parker figured out how to save New York by telling Grady to close off the door to tomorrow. Grady has a crush on fellow think tank member Bella Fishbach and manages to muster up the courage to invite her to hang out with him.


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