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    Grace has lived for countless ages and has lived when it was all about Magic through the dying of magic age. Her past is still mysterious and she is going to help bring magic back to the world.

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    The Age of Magic

    Grace has lived for countless ages including during the Magic ages. During this time, Magic was used daily and it was not uncommon for winged beings to fly through the skies. Grace is of the Rahtumi race and resides in the Kingdom of Empyrea. Much of Grace's history is still being revealed as Grace protects a boy named Malikai, who is the key to returning Magic to the world.

    The Age where Magic Dies

    This is the age where Magic began to fade away and became nothing more then a myth,in a time where there were still beings with wings that could wield magic. Grace is from the kingdom of Empyrea, where other winged beings reside together. She arrived at the Kingdom of Arcadia where she demands to meet King Minas. She was hoping the King would have a cure for a disease that was killing her people. However, the guards would not allow her to pass through. Grace flies past them along with two other winged beings named Nala and Dex, who are looking for their friends. They had asked King Minas for his help with a disease ravaging many winged beings. They would soon be stopped by the King’s Chancellor named Vinn. They decide to comply with Vinn and leave as they were ordered. Later that night, the three of them decide to sneak inside the castle. They flew all over the castle undetected, but were unable to locate anything. Grace tells them that they should search the lower areas like the dungeons. They discover a jail cell and Dex was able to reunite with Faye, and Nala was able to reunite with Troy. Faye tells them that Vinn locked them down in the dungeon.

    They meet a boy named Seph who tells them about Eyron, the Dragon on the Mountain. He tells them that Eyron is the most powerful and wise creature in this world. Their conversation was cut short as Vinn and his troops arrived. They fight the troops for a little while and made a quick escape when the chance presented itself. They flew to a forest where they are forced to travel by foot due to Dragons roaming the area. They decide to rest near a waterfall, however they are quickly ambushed by a Dragon. Grace tries to fend it off while the others run; they would be saved by a four-legged Dragon. Four-legged Dragons are much more intelligent than the Two-Legged Dragons. The Two-Legged Dragons only know how to hunt prey. They were all able to escape, however Troy collapses and dies. Nala believes that Troy was killed protecting her from the Dragon, however Grace and Seph knew it was the disease that killed him.

    Grace, Seph, Nala, Dex, and Faye all continue onward to meet with Eyron. They travel through the mountains, rough terrain and bad weather. Meanwhile, Rainier had been manipulating two Kingdoms into warring with each other. He was successful in starting a war between them and was watching it from afar. As Grace and company get closer to the temple, Seph collapses and appeares to be exhausted. It was actually the disease that was making him suffer. They all rush in to the temple demanding to see Eyron. They are allowed in to the temple and taken to Eyron. Grace tells Eyron that she is a Rathumi from the Kingdom of Empyrea and that she is seeking a cure for a disease that is killing Seph and her people. Eyron answers their cries but, unfortunately, could do nothing to help Seph or any of them. Grace, Nala, Dex, and Faye all try to help Seph through his pain. Grace later decides to talk to Eyron and asks him why he will not help with the sickness. Eyron reveals to Grace that it is not a disease that is plaguing the world, the Light had died and is causing all Magic to fade away. He reveals to Grace that their existence does not travel in a straight line, but actually travels in a circle. It is referred to as a Cycle, and as of now it is no longer the age of Magic.

    Later that day, Seph was finally able to gather enough energy to walk on his own. However, he had lost his wings and had become depressed because of it. Grace tries to help him look on the bright side, but unable to cope with the loss of his wings, yells back at Grace. One of the monks named Lucivia askes Seph to come outside with her. Grace assumed that something bad might happen and rushed to judgment. But when she stepped outside, she realized that Lucivia wanted Seph to take care of a baby Dragon that had just lost her mother. He explains to Grace that this will help ease his pain as he tries to raise the Dragon. Lucivia continues talking to Grace and explains that the end of Magic does not mean death. Some will die, but there will be those who can endure the loss of Magic until the cycle completes a full circle, bringing back Magic to the world. Meanwhile, with Rainier’s plan working smoothly, the Kingdom of Arcadia had no defense. Rainier took his men and attacked the Kingdom, killing King Minas in the process. Vinn released those that were held captive due to the disease and begged them to help defend the Kingdom. They agree but are easily out-matched by Rainier and his men. However, Grace and company arrived just in time on a Dragon, and the battle begins.

    Grace engages in battle against Rainier. Rainier was able to dodge and block her Magic blasts, then he counters with his own blast and knocks her out of the sky. Rainier reveals that after the age of Magic dies, so will the two Kingdoms, and the rise of Rainier’s reign begins. Grace continues her assault on Rainier, however Rainier unveils his other Dragon slave, Mooncrest. Mooncrest is a dragon friend of Grace, but he is under Rainier’s control, just like many other Dragons. Grace tries to avoid fighting him but Mooncrest was able to grab her. Grace begged Mooncrest to snap out of Rainier’s control, but she was left with no choice. Grace breaks her spear and stabs it in Mooncrest’s eye, allowing Grace to break free. An angered Grace, charges at Rainier on his blindside and knocks him off his Dragon. Grace takes Rainier’s staff and smashes it across his face. Rainier no longer had control of the Dragons and they flew off with him. With the war over and King Minas dead, the Kingdoms joined together and Grace tries to explain to them about the Light dying. Some accepted the words of Grace, and some decided to ignore it. As for Grace, she flies into the night sky, to await her time, the time of Magic, to return. She lands near a lake underneath the moonlight, there her wings begin to disintegrate. The age of Magic has died.

    The Rise of Magic

    Hundreds of thousands of years go by and Grace recovers her wings somewhere between Soulfire: Dying of the Light and Soulfire Beginnings. However, it has yet to be revealed when, where, and how. Man has turned to technology and science for power, while Magic was completely forgotten. The age where Dragons roamed the skies and beings with wings that could use magic had become myths. However, on August 6, 2211 San Francisco was attacked by a giant Dragon. A couple of military aircrafts attempted to stop the Dragon, but their efforts proved to be futile as the Dragon easily disposed of them. Meanwhile, Grace was watching from afar and realizes that she has little time to lose. Grace knows that Rainier is starting to move and that she must find a boy named Malikai before Rainier does. Malikai and his friends ( P.J. and Sonia) were at the Holoville Hologram arcade playing video games. All of the sudden a mysterious woman named Onyx burst through the wall, she grabs Malikai and jumps out of the window. Onyx then reveals her wings and they fly off, however Malikai struggles and forces Onyx to drop him. Malikai crashes down into an alley where he becomes blinded by a light. His eyes finally focus and he sees Grace on a motorcycle. Grace quickly explains to him that he needs to come with her or die. Malikai was scared and confused so he decided to run. However, Grace would not allow him to die and decided to just drag him with her. Onyx began chasing them and Grace continued on to a bridge under construction. She decides to jump it and her motorcycle turns into a glider. While Malikai was contacting his friends, Grace is attacked by Onyx and the two fall into the subway. Onyx tells Grace not to interfere again or die, Grace then reveals her wings and tells Onyx to never again threaten her.

    Onyx decides to engage Grace anyway. Onyx tries to slash Grace with her blades, but Grace was able to avoid them. Grace then counters Onyx by using her wings to bat her away. Onyx then remembers who Grace actually is, and begins to explain that her mission was not to fight a Goddess. Grace shoots a Magic burst at Onyx but it was too late, she was already gone. However, Grace was able to confirm that Rainier was truly behind this, and that he knew about the boy already. Meanwhile, Malikai crash lands Grace’s vehicle, the glider, and was able to regroup with his friends. Grace arrives shortly after her battle with Onyx. P.J. threatens Grace and tells her to stay away from Malikai, but her patience had begun to grow short. She tells them that there are very powerful people looking for Malikai, and that they will eventually find him. She tells him that many people will die once Malikai is dead himself. However, the three of them could only laugh at Grace’s claims. It angered her that they were laughing and so she unfolds her wings to prove that she is not joking. She tells them that she has to take Malikai to Hawaii. There, he will meet the first of the Masters that will teach him to harness his powers. Malikai decides to talk it over with his friends and Grace allows it. They decide that since it is Hawaii, they might as well go. They agree with Grace as long as P.J. and Sonia are allowed to go. With the Dragon’s recent attacks, the four of them cannot fly to Hawaii. They would have to search for alternate transportation.

    They decide to use Sonia’s car to drive out of the city. However, there was a massive traffic jam due to the emergency evacuation. Meanwhile, Rainier hires a man named Mr. Abel to track down the boy. Grace and the other three were finally able to leave the city and arrived at the Battle Pit. It is an arena where people compete against each other with highly advanced technology. Grace explains about the Dragon situation and that they need another way to get to Hawaii, and that a man inside the Battle Pit will know what to do. They sit and watch the battle, waiting for it to be over so they could talk to Benoist. Benoist was in the competition and easily defeated his opponent. After the competition, they meet up with Benoist. Grace explains to him that she must meet his friend named Randolph Jenkins. She tells Benoist that Jenkins told her to seek his help whenever she needed it. Unfortunately Benoist tells Grace that Jenkins is already dead. Benoist asks them what they are running from, to which Grace tells him about Rainier. She continues to explain that Rainier wants Malikai dead and sent the assassin Onyx to kill him. Malikai asks who Rainier is, and Benoist tells him that Rainier is the president of Rainier Industries. He continues to reveal that he used to work for Rainier and that he has a vendetta against the man. Benoist agrees to help out Grace and Malikai since they are dealing with Rainier. He takes them to his boat, which is how they are going to reach Hawaii.

    On the way to Hawaii, Benoist gives Grace a tour of his boat. However, he reveals that he knew she was trying to trick him. He knows that Grace already knew that Jenkins is dead and how he would react when she mentioned Rainier. Benoist’s crew seemed to be wary when they were around Grace. Their conversation begins to grow deeper as Grace asks Benoist if a woman with wings was in his heart. He asks her if she knew Lyra, Grace tells him that she was lucky enough to know Lyra and that she was a wonderful woman. Malikai spent most of the day out on the balcony of the boat. Later that evening, Grace sees Malikai on the balcony and decides to go talk to him. She begins to explain to him about Magic and how it had completely disappeared from the world. She tells him that Magic will rise again in the next age. However, Malikai is still having a hard time absorbing all the new knowledge about Magic. She goes more in dept about the first of the five Masters that they are to meet. Their conversation was interrupted by a horde of Recon Drones that were sent by Mr. Abel. Grace flies upwards attempting to protect Malikai and the ship, however Malikai was knocked off the boat. Luckily Benoist was there, he tied a rope onto his armor and jumps in to grab Malikai out of the water. He was successful, and decided to reprogram one of the droids to report back with knowledge that Malikai is “dead.” Everyone on the boat was unharmed, and they eventually arrive in Hawaii. They are greeted by Pilialoha Manawake’a, or Pili for short. She is the daughter of the first Master named Kamea. Pili escorted them into the village and informs Grace that they are aware of the situation. They arrive in front of a giant bonfire and another flight of stairs. However, Pili explains that only Malikai is allowed to ascend upwards to meet the first Master, Kamea.

    Malikai was given a large robe to wear and continues towards Kamea. Kamea talks to Malikai through his mind, as he believes that words can lose meaning and thoughts stay pure. Malikai learns that he was chosen long before his birth, and that Samusara, the Bringer of Light, chose him and many others before to try and bring back the age of Magic. Meanwhile, everyone else was enjoying a big feast. After Malikai was done, he decided he wanted to be alone. The next day, P.J., Sonia, and Pili were hanging out on the beach while Grace bathed alone at a waterfall. She believes that Malikai will be different from the others, and that he will bring back the age of Magic. Malikai finally confronts his friends and tells him that he will go with Grace. However, his friends insist that they go with him. Later that evening, just before they were to depart for Tokyo to meet the next Master, Pili tells P.J. that she had a vision that one of them will die on this journey. After they leave, Pili talks to her father and tells him that she saw his death too. However, Kamea was ready to accept it. Shortly after Pili ran back to the village in tears, Kamea was assassinated by Onyx.

    The group arrives in Tokyo and as they went to meet the next Master, Ren Watastu’s place, they were attacked by a large amount of women. Grace knocks one of them down and demands she deliver the message that she has arrived. Ren finally reveals himself and he tells them that he will not help the boy, because just like all the previous ones, Malikai will also fail. Grace demanded that Ren help him, otherwise he’d be betraying his own bloodline. They also learn that Kamea was recently killed, then Malikai suddently shoots fire from his hands. Ren offers Malikai one day to prove his worth to Ren. Malikai would eventually succeed in proving his worthiness to Ren, and they begin his training. Grace becomes a little worried about Malikai. He is absorbing so much knowledge, but she fears for his lack of wisdom. Grace later talks to Malikai, to which he begins to blame his new responsibilities for causing the rift between him and his friends. However, Grace reassures him that it is all his doing. They are then attacked by a giant Dragon that bursts through the window.

    The Dragon snatches Malikai inside his mouth. They realize that the Dragon is only a machine, and that this attack is most likely Rainier’s doing. Grace flies after the Dragon in hopes of freeing Malikai. However, the Japanese Military engages the Dragon. Grace tries to warn them to leave, but they ignore her. They fire at the Dragon which forces Grace to protect the Dragon, since Malikai was still inside its mouth. However, the military was able to clip its wings and the dragon falls downwards. Malikai was able to get free by blowing up from inside the Dragon’s mouth. The Dragon retaliates and shoots fire at Malikai, however he would still be alive when his friends arrive. They depart for their next destination, the Everlands in Machu Piccu. Grace explains that this is the only area where the Light of Magic still glows, however it is like a dim light in darkness. She opens a passageway and the group goes down. There, they are confronted by a beast and Malikai decides to handle it himself.



    Grace is of winged beings that have the ability to use Magic. Magic is a force drawn from the Light. However, when the light died, Magic faded away. All those that were able to use Magic died or lost their ability to use Magic and their wings then disintegrated. Grace, though she lost her wings, was able to live on. Now in the year 2211, technology has become the main source of power. However, Grace has returned and her wings are back. She can also use her Magic again, but her Magic power has currently shown no limitation. She mainly uses Magic blasts for offensive attacks.


    Grace has the ability to fly, being from a winged race. Their wings are similar to various types of insects. She can conceal her wings by folding them up and wearing a cloak. The wings are also a part of Magic, and so when the Light died and Magic faded away, everyone's wings disintegrated.


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