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    Goutetsu was the sensei of Goukin and Gouki (Akuma). Goutetsu (Iron Thunder) was a great Sensei, a master in Shotokan Karate and arts of Ansatsuken. He founded his own school based on the principles of Hado in Chikara.

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    Nothing is known about past Goutetsu. All we know was sent by Gouken , disciple of Goutetsu, their best students: Ryu and Ken. Gouken Goutetsu account that was a gentleman of advanced age, but excellent physical constitution. He was short and very muscular, but his blows were deadly respected by all the fighters of his era. He had two great students, Gouken and Gouki, who have a responsibility to pass on his teachings if something happened to him. It turns out that the style of Goutetsu was so violent, that he did not want to teach some of their biggest secrets to his disciples, fearing that the power will go up to the head and become killing machines. Gouken abided by this decision without asking the sensei, but Gouki, more temperamental and greedy, I wanted at all costs completely dominate the style of karate Ansatsuken of his master. This attitude was harshly condemned by Gouken, his older brother, by his teacher and the daughter of Goutetsu, who nurtured by strong affection. Among the long hours of training and exercise, was the daughter of Goutetsu who took care of injuries Gouki, and young people if they liked a lot. But Gouki would not rest until they master the most deadly techniques of style, nor that it needed to give up his soul to the devil! Gouki Goutetsu drove his dojo, saying the forbidden techniques of Ansatsuken die with him, since they represented a great danger if they fell into the wrong hands. Later Gouki returned from his solitary training completely changed. He seemed to have surrendered to his desire for power, the Satsui no Hadou . His face had features hard and cold, and even her daughter's face for Goutetsu no longer seemed to mean nothing. He just walked into the dojo Goutetsu, taking advantage of that Gouken was out and challenged him to a final duel, the title of master Ansatsuken. He derided for having abdicated the Goutetsu powerful Shun Goku Satsu and would show him that his ignorance would be his undoing. The ensuing battle was felt by all living beings in the region. Bangs, explosions, windstorms and lightning. It was clear that the struggle between old master and disciple would end only when one of them was dead. Using your Shun Goku Satsu, Gouki's soul Goutetsu fired, killing him quickly. On this occasion Gouki finally surrendered to his Satsui no Hadou, going to be called Akuma and claiming the beads of his master.

    Gouken years later founded a school of derivative Ansatsuken Goutetsu. He removed the murderous intent of the attacks more powerful style, creating a less deadly, but no less efficient. The attacks could still be used to kill, the fighter if so desired, but this was no longer his focus. Some techniques however, as the Shun Goku Satsu, might not have removed their evil intent and therefore was removed from the arsenal of techniques of style. Gouken was looking for a style of Shotokan Karate which was used as self-defense and spiritual enhancement, not an art killer (Ansatsuken).


    Goutetsu was the name given to Gouken in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, later, Capcom used it to name the master Gouken and Akuma, his background came from Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994), however, his first appearance in a game was in Street Fighter Alpha (1995).


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