Morena Baccarin Becomes Season Regular on Gotham

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Morena Baccarin, who plays Dr Leslie Thompkins on FOX's Gotham, got a bit of a promotion this week as her character will become a series regular starting on season two of the show, according to TVLine. What does that mean? Well, expect to see Thompkins on the show every week as she helps Bullock and Gordon with the crimes they're solving.

The second season of Gotham is expected to return this fall.

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Good, she's the only woman on the show that I actually like.

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She can improve this show...

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That's nice. I like Baccarin. I hope her role expands outside of Gordon next season, though. Maybe connect her to Thomas Wayne, and by extension Bruce.

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@supbatz: I can't wait to see how Alfred will steal Jim's girl !

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Cool, I like her character.

Although I like Barbara too since she went all psycho.

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