Gotham Episode 206: "By Fire"

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On this week's episode of Gotham, Butch tries his best to get in with Theo after losing a hand. Gordon is out looking for one of the firebugs that killed an officer. The ex-firebug he finds is no help, and Gordon roughs him up, even though the officers he's with say they have to report him. Selina and the Firefly are teamed up and find themselves at a place that sells women. Selina and Firebug break in and demand everyone's money. It's a robbery!

Alfred teaches Bruce some fighting moves, but Bruce gets a one up on him by biting him. Edward overhears a conversation between Ms. Kringle and Leslie. He swoops in to offer to take her out to dinner. Bullock questions Ivy in order to get some information.

Selina and Firefly are about to part ways, but some men in a van kidnap Firefly and leave Selina. Luckily, Selina has a stash of guns which she goes to grab before going to save her. Gordon busts in and is met with Selina pointing a shotgun at him. Gordon wants to find Firefly and needs answers from Selina. She reveals that it was Bridget's brothers that took her and made her do everything.

Penguin meets with Butch and reiterates the play for Butch to get in with Theo in order to find Penguin's mother. Meanwhile, Firefly burns her brothers to death. Bullock and Gordon investigate the scene and find the bodies. They want to find out who hired them to burn down Wayne Enterprises buildings. Butch thinks he's in with Theo, but Theo is smarter than that, his sister comes in and possibly kills him?

Selina finds Bridget and Bridget has an immense amount of confidence. Selina wants her to slow down and keep in mind there are people that want her dead. Selina calls Gordon to let him know Firefly will be at the auction house. Bridget burns some of the bad guys down there and GCPD is there to stop her. Gordon tries to talk to her and a cop takes a shot, hitting her tank, which starts to leak. She starts shooting again and catches fire.

Bruce and Theo have a conversation in front of a nice fire. Theo wants to talk about an executive at Wayne Enterprises that went missing. Selina shows up at Gordon's place. She asks about Bridget and Gordon has to break the bad news to her.

Edward and Kristen share some coffee after a night of making whoopie. Kristen says she's scared of her ex-boyfriend and Edward admits he killed him. Kristen is freaked out and Edward gets real creepy with her. He accidentally kills her while talking to her, by covering her mouth so she couldn't breathe.

Turns out Firefly isn't dead and she's been sent somewhere in secret to be tested on, Indian Hill.

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The conclusion of this two-part story provides a lot of thrills and excitement as Bridget frees herself from her brothers and makes her own decisions without fear. What's great about Bridget/Firefly is that the outfit is practical and looks pretty cool. The original purple costume wouldn't work her and the updated costume in the comics is really cool, but flying is a bit too much for the television show, especially when the character is already holding a flamethrower. The gray outfit with the backpack doesn't look like it gets in the way much and again, that outfit just looks cool.

The Edward Nygma story was a whole lot of uninteresting set-up to one huge payoff. It's nice to see him and Kringle finally together, but that story felt like a bit of a distraction from everything else going on. However, again, that ending was pretty fantastic and it makes me wonder where Edward is going to go from here. Is this what pushes him completely over the edge? He's now killed two people, one on purpose and one completely on accident, the woman he loves.

This story and this episode finally made Selina a real stand-out character. She's always felt like a pawn in someone else's game. Even in the opening episodes of the season, she felt like a character secluded to the background. The relationship between Selina and Bridget worked extremely well during this episode and it was cool to see them work together in order to rob the other criminals. I'm really hoping they keep her involved in some of the other stories, but more as a leader rather than a follower.

At times, the episode does feel a bit all over the place with too many players to keep track of, all working on their own stories. That was certainly the case in this episode, between Butch and Penguin, Theo and Bruce, Selina and Bridget, Edward and Kringle, and Gordon and the GCPD. The episode didn't have as good as a flow as episodes before it and just felt jumpy.

This is all really building to a war between Theo and Penguin, as Theo has Penguin's mother held captive. We saw a build like this in the first season, between the two crime lords of Gotham, but this one is a bit different since Penguin is in the shadow, running the crime syndicate while Theo is out running to be mayor and gaining the public's trust. It's interesting and while it really treads on some familiar territory, it's something fans want to see, since Penguin spent so much time building himself up. We don't want to see him fall.

Overall, "By Fire" was a solid episode and this two-part story was pretty good. If anything, the story did a great job at really establishing Selina as someone that shouldn't be taken lightly, even though there's still a "good" side buried in there. She's a survivor and willing to help those that need to be helped. And she's willing to rob the heck out of some people. Firefly looked great and this villain of the week (for two weeks) worked. Season two continues to be a big step up from the first.

Questions of the Week:

  • The GCPD goes to stop Firefly and no one brings a fire extinguisher to put her out?
  • Where did Poison Ivy go after being questioned by Bullock?
  • Any final words for Butch?
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So much happened in this episode and the next episode seems like the season finale base of the trailer.

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Genderswapped firefly for...reasons. im getting tired of them doing this.

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So much happened in this episode and the next episode seems like season finale base of the trailer.

Lol I was thinking the same thing

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The show is hilarious bad, but man, I find myself enjoying it when I don't take it seriously. Alfred punching Bruce square in the face had me in tears. Selina saying "By the way, all ya'll suck" was outta place and she had crap delivery. So many things to reference and laugh about.

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I have to say, I actually agree with the positive assessment on female Firefly. To be honest, I came away from this episode and the previous one really wishing that this was the Firefly we had in the comics. I mean frankly, she and Nygma (who also gets spotlight in this episode) are far and away the two most sympathetic villains in the show, and a nice change of pace from all the pure evil sociopaths with no redeeming qualities that we've gotten so far. Is it a radical departure from the source material? Yes, but we're also kind of past the point where that should be shocking. I agree with Mat, this was a good episode, and Season 2 really is coming out far stronger than the first season (though even Season 1 had it's moments, I think).

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I loved the show. I don't know why people are up and arms about a female Firefly.. it's not the comics so honestly, who cares as long as the story is good. Someone said it made him laugh, that's good I suppose. Didn't see much to laugh about, I become engrossed in the show and enjoy the hell out of it. I actually really like how they are portraying Selena, a child of the streets, though she seems to know just about everything and becoming less convinced she doesn't know who the Wayne killer is.

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To me, all non comic related stuff, whether it's movies or TV, count as Elseworld stories, so a female Firefly is fine by me.

Gotham has actually been pretty enjoyable this season.

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Good episode but I'm just shaking my head at Nygma. He had a good thing going, then he had to go screw that up. Well, at least he got smash and he won't have to worry about going to prison for murder.

So much happened in this episode and the next episode seems like the season finale base of the trailer.

I feel ya on that. It does have that season finale feel to next week's episode.

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the first season was so brutally awful it's hard to believe this season is the same show.

that said, they're still taking way too many liberties with the show that are generally unnecessary and only mandated because they painted themselves into a corner by making the premise of the show the early origins of the city and everyone. if they hadn't done that they wouldn't have had to retconn half of what they have. so, making the most out of a mess... but doing a really good job at this point at least.

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I'm not one for gender swapping but damn this Firefly was cooler and more interesting than Lynns and Carson.

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I'm curious as to see what happens between Penguin and Jim, I'm betting Penguin forgets to expose Jim, but that's just me. What does everyone else think?

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Genderswapped firefly for...reasons. im getting tired of them doing this.

A-freaking-men. Firefly is a dude. Period. His name is Garfield Lynns (at least Pre-Flashpoint, anyway...).

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Good show..not great, but good. It still kinda bothers me that Nygma's girlfriend was named Kris Kringle. That should've at least explained that her parents had a Christmas obsession or something. instead of just letting that hang there. While I appreciate the show taking some liberties, this version of Riddler, working at the GCPD and being an insecure psycho isn't my favorite take on the character. I liked the smug and arrogant SOB that felt shunned by the gaming company he worked for in BTAS much better.

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Why is Firefly a girl.........Feminist need to stop.

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I really don't understand why people hate this Firefly. I LOVE Bridgit! Her backstory is also very moving.

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By the way, I wonder who those other inmates at Indian Hill were.

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damm this season is good

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riddle me this: what's something that not even the strongest man alive can hold for more than 5 minutes?

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riddle me this: what's something that not even the strongest man alive can hold for more than 5 minutes?

his breath!!

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@amazingwebhead said:

riddle me this: what's something that not even the strongest man alive can hold for more than 5 minutes?

his breath!!


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