Gotham Episode #119: "Beasts of Prey"

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Note: There will be spoilers for this episode.


On this week's episode of Gotham, Fish tries escaping the compound where Dollmaker is keeping her captive, but finds there are guards patrolling the area that have shoot to kill orders.

Gordon wants answers from Bruce about who stabbed Alfred. Gordon meets Officer Moore who needs help on a homicide case. Gordon has inspired him and some of the younger cops to clean up the city. Dr Thompkins helps him with some info about the neighborhood she disappeared in.

Penguin is looking to buy a local bar, but the woman won't sell, so he may have to do a few favors in order to get what he wants.

Fish rallies the troops in order to help her with escaping the island compound. Part of me feels like these people are all just cannon fodder for the patrol team. There goes Fish again, always being crafty and manipulative. I'm literally waiting for the moment where it all bites her in the butt.

Gordon continues his investigation and drags a reluctant Bullock with him. They investigate a speakeasy and discover the woman who was murdered was in one of them right before she disappeared with a very attractive man.

Penguin goes to do the favor for the woman whose bar he wants to buy by cutting off a man's fingers. He happens to be a guitar player and needs those things.

Fish searches the compound, looking for anything that can help her escape, like keys. Dollmaker discovers her in his office. Dollmaker knows she was trying to escape and threatens to shoot her with a Luger. Of course Dollmaker has a Luger. Fish pleads for her life.

Bruce finds Selina and is looking for Reggie, the man who stabbed Alfred.

Nygma brings some news to Bullock and Gordon about a piece of missing evidence. Bullock realizes the man they're after is a serial killer.

Penguin returns to the bar and mentions that owning this place is good for him because that's where he plans on killing Maroni. Back on the island, Fish Mooney and her cannon fodder are about to escape. She sends everyone else out first, while Fish goes back to save Kelly. However, Dollmaker is there waiting for her. The men Dollmaker keep captive get loose though and give him a solid beatdown. As the other men flee, they realize Fish set them up. Fish and the captive people make it to the chopper, while the patrolmen shoot down the first team that went out. The helicopter takes off, but the patrol man gets a shot off and hits Fish in the cockpit.

Bullock explains The Ogre and how he works to Gordon. Bullock tells Gordon that any time The Ogre is investigated, he kills anyone involved with the investigation. Bruce and Selina find Reggie sleeping in a warehouse. They want to know who hired him. Reggie confesses after Selina holds his medicine out a window. Reggie goes to retrieve his medicine and Selina pushes him out the window. Reggie is dead.

Back at the precinct, Gordon finds out the Loeb gave the cop the information to set Gordon up. Bullock is freaked out by this and thinks if they drop it, they are in the clear. Gordon confronts Loeb and says he's coming after him next.

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It's nice to see Gordon inspiring younger officers. It feels like for so long that Gordon was getting no where or every time he made progress, he'd eventually get two steps back. This little moment is very important for the direction of the show and gives the viewer a reason to get invested because there's some progress here.

Donal Logue is Harvey Bullock. I love his take on the character and Bullock has grown a lot. He now seems like Gordon's sidekick, with the negative connotations of being a sidekick taken away. Bullock cares for Gordon and it's apparent here, especially at the end of the episode.

Slowly but surely, the vicious Penguin we saw in the second episode of this series is coming back. This is something people have been waiting for, since it was such a great moment early on in the show. While Penguin doesn't do the finger clipping mentioned above here, he's still giving orders and later on, he gets this amazing look on his face when he announces he's going to kill Maroni.

The flashback scene with the woman works for a moment then completely loses me, the first time it happens. The bartender can tell us what happened in the bar, near where she was working, but she can't tell us what happened afterwards, which the flashback shows. It's a giant misdirect in the way they are trying to tell the story. It comes off as awkward and weird. The flashbacks continue, and while it's great to see The Ogre's turn on the woman he eventually murders because Milo nails this role, it just doesn't fit. It's great for the character but bad for the overall narrative.

The Ogre story will continue, which is great, since we only get a small taste of it here. The character is interesting and there's a cool twist to the average serial killer, where he deals with people investigating him by killing off the people they love. Really glad to see this going on for another episode.

Selina is a murderer? The Selina/Bruce team up was pretty awesome. We get to see the two team up to do their own detective work, but we quickly realize they both go a different way to not only get answers but deal with people who may cross them in the future.

While most fans seems to really hate Fish Mooney, her story was the most interesting here and the end of the episode, featuring the escape from Dollmaker's compound, was pretty amazing. It was incredibly intense and had great tension to it. On top of that, it's one hell of a cliffhanger for next week's episode.

Gotham comes back from break with a very good episode. The vast majority of this episode was incredibly strong. The only downside to this week was the flashback sequences which felt forced and didn't fit in with the narrative, like a traditional flashback sequence normally would. There's a few strong stories going on here and for the first time in a long time, I am back on board with Gotham.

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This exists?

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I forgot to watch his episode. I'll have to catch it online.

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Damn I have missed the last 100 episodes of this series?

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All other superhero shows feel really weak compared to daredevil now.

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@devbob98: truth

@juanclunac: season 1 episode 19=119

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@devbob98: I would agree if not for the epic 17th episode of the flash, i mean you can have daredavel and all, but men Mark Hamill... the show is doing greate.

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Damn I have missed the last 100 episodes of this series?

You've saved yourself from 100 hours of boredom

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@devbob98 said:

All other superhero shows feel really weak compared to daredevil now.

I feel the same. I caught the first 2 minutes of it before turning it off.

I figure two more weeks is an appropriate amount of time to wait before re-watching Daredevil.

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This is pretty generous in my opinion. Whenever Mat discusses Gotham on the podcast, I usually agree with most of his points but it feels like he really doesn't want to be harsh with the review, even when it is deserved. This episode wasn't one of the worst but it was another in a long line of mediocre and boring episodes. My motivation to watch this show at this point is so low that I wouldn't even bother if I was the only one that watched it in my house. Gotham is the worst comic book show on television and that's a travesty considering the rich source material they COULD HAVE pulled from.

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Good start for Gotham for it's long break

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Ugh. I love DD but I'm already tired of people using it as an excuse to sh*t on other CB shows.

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@the_stegman: amen bro. Sit back and wait for the Arrow and Flash hate over the next two days.

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@the_stegman: people will use DD now to just crap on any DC show.I thought DD was good,Flash and Arrow are still my favorite though,but don't see the point in pretty much bashing the other shows since they are in a different universe,different tones,and can all coexsist.

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What in the flying flip? The episode was freaking atrocious. The acting was horrible. The Developments were horrible or seen a freaking mile away. I can't believe this got 4 stars to be honest/ Honestly mindblown

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@the_stegman: i personally couldn't get into it. The DD love will pass.

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@surza7: Please don't act as if DC fans haven't been using the Flash and Arrow to bash Marvel shows. Both sides have crappy fans. Every time a good show comes out one side will bash the other it's just a hateful cycle.

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@child_of_the_past: I am not saying that at all? I said people not fans of DC or Marvel would do it.It's just something I noticed lately on different forums.Yea both sides have crappy fans ,but I don't get why you are assuming like I think DC fans are saints....don't know what I did to offend you but damn man =/

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@surza7: The phrasing of your original post seemed to imply otherwise.

Also, you did not offend me.

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@child_of_the_past: But you can't deny Marvel fans started it with all their "Marvel movies are great and DC can't make a JL movie without copy Marvel" crap.

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Forgot to watch this...

There is literally one episode left so I might just watch the show and just give up with Season 2...

Plus I think I am kind of behind DD (episode 3)

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I'm starting to think that they should gear this show more towards Nygma. He's one of the few consistently interesting presences on the show. I'm hoping that we see him (begin to) transform into the Riddler sooner rather than later.

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@nightfang: @nightfang: I distinctly remember a time, in the 90s when people would claim that DC had the better television line-up. People are always gonna talk crap about their rival. The fact that you only see it from one side is sad. Both sides have their fair share of idiots who are willing to demean the other because of their own childish insecurities.

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honestly the shows daredevil and gotham are so different in tone its stupid to compare but daredevil did raise the bar on what can be achieved in a serious context as far as a superhero related show ,,,,but in the confines of a network tv show gotham is awesome ...its like comparing apples and peanut butter its a totally different vibe...dc fans do seem defensive about this today from what I just read ,,,I'm a fan of both dc and marvel but awhile ago when flash came out dc fans were trashing agents of shield ,,,,,and honesty agents of shield seems pretty dumb now that daredevil is out ,,,how will marvel connect agents of shield with daredevil ...they wont I guess ,,,free tv will almost always seem corny in comparison to cable/Netflix type context

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I absolutely like Gotham. This was just a bad episode at the worst time. When coming back from a break, the very next episode needs to be gripping. It wasn't. When you are nearing your finale and your pushing your last few episodes, everything needs to be amplified, it wasn't. Combine those with the coincidence that Daredevil JUST upped the ante over the weekend, Gotham flopped yesterday. Even in looking further, the big hook is Ogre gets a hold of Barbara. But do i care really? No. You can't tease the audience with empty threats, that doesn't work.

I'm still tuning in for every episode, but for the first time all season, i'm concerned about whats coming.

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@sachmoo: the episode itself I found was ok at times I felt a bit eh by it.I did think Selina had a pretty awesome moment ,and she is growing on me.

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I haven't been following is this show meant to be worth watching

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BRB. Busy writing Arya Stark/Li'l Selena fanfiction.

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Geez, the villains are so F-ing creepy now. Between Dollmaker and the Ogre I feel like I'm watching a soft core Eli Roth movie.

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aww, Bruce's first interrogation. where's my camera? i want to put this in the bat-scrapbook!

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@inferiorego I think you missed something:

Gordon was not inspiring the young cop, Loeb forced him to bring that case to him because he knew it would cause Gordon pain. It was nice at first, but when we realized it was all a set up, we realized it's still pretty much GCPD vs Gordon & Bullock.

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how much longer do we have to wait for Ed Nygma to explode?!

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