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Hank Clover Jr. was an ordinary boy living in Gotham with his sister Claire Clover (Gotham Girl). One day, as he and his parents were walking down Park Row (now known as Crime Alley), they were approached by an armed mugger who attempted to rob them at gunpoint. However, Batman intervened and knocked the mugger unconscious. Batman inspired him and he desired to fight crime like him. After the encounter, Hank was enamored with Batman, and he wanted to help people like the Batman. Along with his sister, they spent time training, reading and learning all the skills they needed to fight crime. The duo went overseas and did charity work in dangerous places. He and his sister somehow purchased powers that drained their life force when they used them. Together they fight crime in Gotham with Batman.

From First Appearence to Death

Gotham was a metahuman crimefighter working in Gotham City and the accomplice of Gotham Girl. Gotham and Gotham Girl show up helping Batman spare a business plane from a Kobra Cult psychological oppressor attack. As they are youthful and unpracticed, Batman chooses to encourage them and help them ending up better heroes. Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate at that point utilize him to kill Waller's men and escape. He wrongly takes off his cover and the last survivor went and killed his folks. Because of Psycho Pirate's controls and the anger of losing his folks, he kills the warrior and goes out of control. He kicks the bucket as a reaction of his forces.

Powers and Abilities

Adaptive Powers

His powers adjust according to who he's fighting. He becomes stronger and faster at the cost of his life.

Super Strength

Super Speed/Reflexes

Super Hearing

Ultra Vision


Super Stamina



Over Usage of powers / Power Limitation

His powers are inexplicably tied to his life force. The more he uses them, the more his life is reduced. Years of his life will be spent for hours of using his powers. The overuse of powers would lead to his untimely death.

Characteristics / Personal Data

  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: White
  • Place of Birth: Gotham
  • Citizenship: American
  • Relatives: Claire Clover (Gotham Girl), Henry Clover Sr, Mrs. Clover
  • Occupation: Super Hero


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