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Flashback shows how the Suicide Squad broke into Arkham Asylum and beat down the Shark. Shark overhears the Squad talking about the prison planet and relays the info to Matches Malone, a.k.a. Batman. Penguin gets his group of wannabe costumed super villains and attacks the Whale and his armies. Batman escapes the prison with the help of Alfred and Nightwing is gunned down by the Vigilante....

Great White Shark retells the story of how he ended up in the prison's hospital: he was in the Arkham Asylum when someone else gave him his dinner for the night. Other villains broke through the wall, and Bane ended up smashing his face in and throwing him out the window, down to the ground floor, near the entrance of the Asylum. Bane wasn't supposed to kill him though; he was supposed to rough him up. Back to present day, Matches Malone is finding a way to block the door from the prison guards when a wall explodes, a gas grenade flies in, and Matches escapes...

At Whale's compound, Whale rallies the troops and says that Penguin is a dead man. Meanwhile, Spoiler is looking in through a window high up...

At the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin rallies his own troops. He finishes his speech and tells them that Gotham will soon know them all as the most dangerous criminals. He is then given the phone from one of his henchmen, and talks into the phone, assuming that everything went well. Spoiler on the other end tells him that everything went as according to plan. Penguin then tells her her next mission: to assassinate Johnny Stitches.

Back at the prison, a grapple flies through, and Matches uses the the rope from the grapple to slide down to the ground floor, and meets Alfred in the Batmobile.

At Whale's compound, the war begins. Dinardo (Nightwing) calls the Batsquad and tells them to be prepared, as it's all about to happen now. Wildcat and Robin, on their bikes race to the scene. Vigilante then shoots Dinardo, when Dinardo's team mates shoot the gun out of his hand. All three of them shoot down Vigilante, but they leave Dinardo. He then sees a vision of Leslie Thompkins of her saying that she will help him...


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The Gang War begins! 0

Gotham Underground heats up as Penguin and Tobias Whale's gangs collide. Vigilante appears and enters the scene with a bang as Dick Grayson is shot and the battle begins.This was a very good addition to the great mini series, Gotham Underground. I was happy to see Vigilante finally make it onto the scene and ironacally shoots his enemy, Nightwing without even knowing it's him. I love the idea of Penguin's gang all taking up the mantles of criminals that have been transported to another planet(se...

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