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This issue has it all: Scarecrow confronts Penguin! The Riddler reveals Nightwing's secret! A surprise attack on the Iceberg Lounge! Matches Malone vs. Mr. Zsasz — to the death! All this plus guest appearances by Robin, Oracle and the Ventriloquist!

The issue opens with Scarecrow and his head put up against the wall by Bronze Tiger. Scarecrow muses that Two-Face’s stupid acts of grandeur has granted him the golden opportunity to use his fear gas. With that, he chomps down on his tooth with the nails portraying his teeth and a release of Fear Gas is released into the air, creating an illusion with Bronze Tiger’s fears. Scarecrow escapes and meets up with the other villains. Scarecrow tells Scarface about the Suicide Squad working with the government, and the connection with Penguin and the Suicide Squad – Penguin may as well be working with them. Scarface thinks about this, and orders his goons to grab Scarecrow. Scarface asks him, quite cautiously about Scarecrow escaping out of the capture of the Suicide Squad, and asks him that his position as a rat is questionable. With that, Scarface’s goon release him and explains to him that he has frisked a thousand times before and knows how to do it. Scarface then tells his team that he plans to make an example out of Penguin.

In Blackgate prison, Matches Malone is sleeping when he feels a shadow walking up towards him, and opens his eye to see Mr. Zsasz with a knife in his hand. Mr. Zsasz manages to make a cut on Matches back just under his left arm and comments that if that knife came any closer, it would’ve gone straight into his heart. Mr. Zsasz takes another swipe but hits the jail bars instead and comments that he likes it when his meat fights!

At the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin has Tobias Whale over for dinner. After a confrontational and awkward conversation about whales eating penguins for dinner, Whale leaves with a warning that their next meeting won’t be so pleasant.

Robin, at Oracle’s lab summarises what’s happened so far: Suicide Squad abducting criminals, some shadier than usual going on at the Iceberg Lounge, super hero gambling becoming popular now and Matches Malone disappearing. Oracle then asks if he wants her to put this altogether and Robin tells her, “That’s the basic idea.” Oracle comes up with an unsatisfactory answer, but Robin understands when Oracle explains what happened in Gotham. Robin replies that she and Batman have made up, but Oracle feels that it still isn’t the same. Oracle then explains that Whale was driven out of Metropolis because a new guy on the block called Johnny Denetto. Robin doesn’t understand how a small time criminal can go up against someone like Whale, though. Oracle then pulls up some files that surprise the both of them, and Oracle comments on Johnny Denetto going by Johnny Stitches for obvious reasons. An alarm then goes off and Oracle suspects someone’s here. Robin gets punched by someone who’s invisible and Oracle activates the defence systems but she gets knocked out herself. Robin keeps getting hit when the opponent finally reveals themselves, “them” being Wildcat and Spoiler by his side.

Back in the Blackgate Prison where Matches Malone is fighting off Mr. Zsasz, Matches finally makes a crack at his head and downs him. The guards come investigate the racket and explains what happens, and then passes out.

At the Iceberg Lounge, Scarface’s team ruin the front of the Lounge when Killer Moth gets hit by a frozen ice beam. Out come a new villainous team! Next: Gotham has a new gang in town!


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