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    Gotham Nights (Rebirth 2016-2018)

    The Gotham Knights was team originally developed by Batman and Red Robin (Tim Drake) to help protect the Gotham City and headquarters at The Belfry. Tim Drake developed the original line up featuring himself, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Orphan (Cassandra Cain), Batwoman (Kate Kane), and Clay Face (Karlo).

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    Later members joining would be: Batwing(Luke Fox) and Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)

    Batman’s main reason for bring the team together was because he knew each individual was being watched by a mysterious figure. That figure later being revealed to be The Colony run by Batwoman’s father, Jake Kane.

    After defeating The Colony the team went on to fight: Victim Syndicate, The League of Assassins, League of Shadows, Order Of St. Dumas, and the Court of Owls.

    The Knights would eventually have one final battle with The Colony who were now fully under the control of Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong (General). Ulysses had used future tech from Tim Drake's alternate reality self(Savior) to take control of The Colony with the use of Brother EYE.

    After bringing down The Colony the team disbanded with each member going off on their own new adventures separately. (Detective Comics #981)


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