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Claire Clover is a sister to Hank Clover (Gotham). They admired Batman and wished to help people and fight crime like he did. They spent time training,learning and reading in order to fight crime. When they went overseas, they purchased a set of powers. However, these powers came with a cost:it drains their life the more they use them. They fight crime in Gotham along with Batman.

Introduction in Gotham

Gotham and Gotham Girl showed up helping Batman spare a business plane from a Kobra Cult psychological militant attack.Being youthful and unpracticed, Batman chose to encourage them to improve them heroes.Due to the Psycho Pirate's control, Gotham was made distraught and spent the greater part of his life power to without any assistance vanquish the Justice League.

Gotham Girl: Year One

Following Hank's demise, Claire experienced issues adapting. She shaved her head and conversed with her dead sibling. Batman ameliorated her, demonstrating her his mystery personality and disclosed his own particular inconveniences to her. He too would once in a while converse with a dead relative, his mom.

Night of the Monster Men

Amid a sea tempest and assault of changed human creatures, Blackgate Penitentiary was assaulted. Gotham Girl went with Nightwing, however they were both presented to a substance one of the animals regurgitated at them. Accordingly, they were both changed into comparative creatures. Duke infused Gotham Girl with a fix and she, thus, infused Nightwing. Batman and his members brought down the offender, Hugo Strange.

Breaking the Bat

Following the going to pieces of Bruce Wayne's wedding, Gotham Girl was among numerous people who was uncovered to have been subtly working with Bane to break Batman totally on a mental level.

Powers and Abilities

Adaptive Powers

Her powers adapt and adjust with who she's fighting or what she's dealing with. She uses up her life force to become stronger and faster.

Super Strength

Super Speed/Reflexes

Ultra Vision


Super Stamina



Over usage of powers / Power Limitation

Her powers are inexplicably tied to her life force. The more she uses them, the more her life is reduced. Years of her life will be spent for hours of using her powers. The overuse of her powers would hasten her death

Characteristics/Personal Data

  • Gender: Female
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Skin Color: White
  • Place of Birth: Gotham
  • Citizenship: American
  • Relatives: Hank Clover (Gotham), Henry Clover Sr, Mrs. Clover
  • Occupation: Super Heroine

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