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Union Of Sirens

The Story: 

Catwoman, Posion Ivy and Harley Quinn unite to form the Gotham City Sirens. It doesn't take long for this group to attract attention from the type of people who wish to inflict a little punishment for various reasons. 

My Thoughts:

With Batman "dead" and Gotham a little crazier than usual, these three females who've had their issues with each other in the past, unite together to form an unusual group. They play by their rules and do as they please. Paul Dini spearheads this series and is accompanied by Scott Lobdell (issues three only). I like the idea of this series which gives these three ladies a chance to shine in the spotlight.

I liked the way these three came together. I liked watching how dysfunctional they were in the opening few issues. You could tell there wasn't complete trust between them all. It'll be interesting if that continues to affect their work. Paul Dini wasted no time at all in establishing a base of operations for them to work out of. They ran into trouble rather quickly as well. The Riddler, Hush and Gaggy tested them all early on. I enjoyed the Riddler's role in the story the most. He kept the serious tone Gotham city is known for as compared to the role Gaggy played. Yes Gaggy was psychotic but things were a little over the top and unrealistic with him.

The beautiful artwork this book has to offer is by Guillem March, an artist I've recently come to admire as of late. He draws every issue except the final issue which was drawn by David Lopez, another extremely talented artist. I wasn't crazy about the artwork in the first couple of issues, particularly the inking and coloring. It does improve drastically as the story progresses. One other minor complaint I had was how in the beginning, a lot of characters faces were drawn with their eyes closed for some reason. I don't know if they were rushing to get this out or if that was intentional. All I know is that it made no sense and was unrealistic that they're eyes would be closed that frequently. Besides that the art was a real joy.

While this series didn't begin quite like I expected it to, I still had a fun time reading it and look forward to seeing what these three ladies will get into next. Paul Dini and Guillem March are the perfect creative team to carry this series. They know how to write and draw female characters exceptionally well. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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