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Riddle Me This

 This issue was hilarious. Yes we don't see much of the Gotham City Sirens but it is nevertheless a fantastic read. As Batman and the Riddler go about solving a murder mystery together we are invited to hear the thoughts of both the characters. There is some subtle humour in their interactions which will surely make you giggle especially when Batman leaves the Riddler while his back is turned and he continues to talk to himself until he turns around and realises Batman has gone.

The only downfall of this issue apart from it having not much to do with the GCS is that on page 2-3 (full page spread) where the Riddler is unmasked, they have drawn him in such a way with his hair slicked back and his mouth open in an evil grin that he kind of looks like a Mexican matador ready to pull out a red flag and go bull fighting, all he needs is a sombrero to top it off.

Overall the Riddler comes across as smooth, charming and a little bit quirky as is the writing style. If you enjoyed this issue I would highly recommend reading Green Hornet as the humourous writing style is strikingly similar.

Fantastically Funny!

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    Wait, what was the name of this series again? 0

    If this were a Riddler book or a Batman book, I would easily give this issue 5 stars.  But this is the Gotham City Sirens; who are almost absent the entire book.  The book was such a divergence that I kept wondering when the girls were going to arrive.  And that's a shame because being in Edward Nygma's brain is awesome.  To see his thought process as he works as a detective (huh?  then again, I've been away from comics for >10 years) as compared to Batman's is awesome.  It's also pretty awes...

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