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Ivy's dominating control.

Gotham City Sirens #25

This is GCS' second to last issue and that makes me sad. I really read this story straight from the beginning and I mostly liked the series and now Selina's gonna have her own series, Harley's an insane death row criminal, and Ivy could be anywhere! (she may be in birds of prey but I don't know). Well enough with the sappy stuff for now, on with the review!! Ivy has had this plant thing looking for her and it finally found her in her arkham cell , courteous of Selina. Ivy regains the strength she needs to break out! Along the way she contemplates whether she should kill, save, or use Harley Quinn. But one thing's certain, Ivy wants Selina dead. Ivy breaks out Harley and now both of them are out for revenge on Selina! They try to find out through Penguin and then they find her on a roof top and she already knew they were looking for her. The issue ends with Selina in a very compromised position. 

What I truly loved about this issue was Ivy's inner monologue. The way she viewed herself as still human because of how she felt with Harley was awesome! You can tell that she truly cared about Harley and wanted to help her out. I really loved the flash back scenes of her and Harley together. Ivy is presented as a strong female character in this issue with emotions and I really like that. Harley kind of just goes along with her in this issue but that's okay. 
Art: Guinaldo's art has beomce accustom to this series for me. I'm just used to it by now and I think it's great! What I thought was really cool about this issue was how the panels inside the comic we're all made out of plants, roots, leaves, and trees. This symbolized Ivy's total control over the issue. I also really love the cover, Guillem March has done some amazing work for this series! 
The BAD!

To be honest I think it's bad that it might end like this. I don't want these ladies to have severed ties and to have grudged against each other. I thought they'd be like the first ever villian golden girls or something! Revenge at the end, I think is not the best way to go. 

This issue was simple and over-all enjoyable! I just hope this ends differently then I expect. I give it a 4 out of 5! Pick it up!

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