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This is the start of something Big!

Talia Al Ghul and Zatanna as I live and breathe! The guest of Gotham city arrive to help out our Anti-Heroines. 
My Opinon 
As the issue starts out we get a glimpse of Catwoman's psyche and of her knowledge of Bruce but before we get to see more Zatanna arrives giving Catwoman a cryptic message to Ivy, now this is where it leads to an anti-climatic fizzle she warns Ivy not to interfere which leads her to interefering anyway (she's Poison Ivy if Batman can't get her to give up terrorizing Gotham what makes Zat think she could get Ivy to do anything besides strangling her even then she'd probably take pity on her and not do it). So we see what the fuss was over (a bunch of burning trees...yeah) and Zat grows angry because no one listened to her Harley has the same problem. So we learn it was an ambush from a shadowy figure, enter Talia explaining more on the situation. Enter A sub-conscious brawl between the Cat seems likely the Bat and a bunch of prowlers...Next Issues. The issue was a good issue...but I rushed through it in a minute flat nothing really great hopefully next week will be better. The art was eh I've thrown out all hope for the return of March, although I won't stop asking for it Especially with the art here, it told a story and that's it nothing to brag about (but I will say Batman, Robin, and Alfred just awful). Not to mention that Talia comes late in the fight which I might add was nothing but was a living rock fight, I'm really not into a supernatural when it comes to these three because they seem so useless even with Zatanna in the group she basically hosed down fire. 

 if you haven't noticed My reviews for the sirens have decreased not that i'm just flat out disowning it I've just been really dissatisfied I guess the writing isn't up to my standards either. Maybe the higher ups need to reign it in and really check on it because the stories just haven't been the same since when I picked it up so long ago. I also noticed a (no trolling intended) rinky dink early review that wasn't even worth wasting the 5 minutes to type talking about how it was the worst issue no sir this is not by far the worst ish i have a few candidates. Not to mention his/her complaint of a 2.99 issue uh where have you been for the last 5 years almost all comic issues are 2.99 unless you pick up those lame after-school-special comics that they're desperate to sell so they throw them in the 25 cent box. 
3 out of 5

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