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Story: The story starts off with Catwoman running in a mansion whereing a gown. She's running to a man that appears to be Bruce and they look as if they are in love. Hours before this Alfred contacts Dick and Damian that there is magical activity detected somewhere and he wants them to check it out. Selina is taking a bath and Zatanna appears. Zatanna wants Selina to watch Poison Ivy and keep her out of sight. Selina wants to know why, but Zatanna won't tell her. Selina tells Ivy this and Harley notices a giant fire out side. The Sirens head to the fire. Talia contacts Oracle and wants to know where Selina is. Talia says that they're walking into a trap. Back at the scene of the fire, all the elements of nature are fighting the Sirens and it's a losing battle. Selina is pulled into the ground and captured. Talia knows why they want her. Selina still holds the memory of Bruce's true identity and they want it from her. 
Writing: This is what you call an extremely average issue. There was nothing special to this issue. The only thing I really liked was Selina holding the memory of Bruce's identity. The story felt rushed and not exciting. 
Characters: When I saw the cover I was excited to see that Talia was going to be in it. It felt that Talia was just thrown into this story and her part was really rushed. This issue over all felt rushed because nothing was really explained and everything happened too quick without ryme or reason. 
Dialogue: At least the dialogue is still good. 
Art: The memories looked copied and pasted and the other art is nothing special. 
Cover: The cover was gorgeous. I thought the cover was very good and it got me excited to see Talia in this issue. 
Penciling: The scenes from Selina's head looked copied and pasted. It looked cheap and just not good. The other art was okay but Guinaldo needs to add more detail to the background. 
Coloring: Really nothing special. 
My favorite scene! 
It was at the end when we find out what these people want from Selina. 
Reasons to and not to pick up. 
Reasons to pick up:
I feel that this issue does have a little tie in with Bruce's return and I think that's a good thing that they're starting to incorporate his return in the Gotham series. The dialogue was good and the idea of this story was good. 
Reasons not to pick up: This issue felt rushed. Almost everything about it felt rushed. The story, the characters, and the art. This was a big let down and last month's issue did so much better. I am disappointed. 
Verdict: Don't pick up. 3 out of 5.

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