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Girls can be b!@#$%^, but is the review a bi!@#

The scandalous sexy sirens of Gotham are back in issue 10. For me I liked this issue because everything was solved in the end. Before this the sirens betrayed Riddler, which I thought was sad because he called them his friends.  Dr. Aesop was defeated by Harley's wonderful babies. The Dr's minions were sent to jail. There were two things in this issue I absolutely loved. First was that Comissioner Gordon let the ladies get off the hook. It showed that they were good for once with the GCPD. Second was that Riddler made a good exit. He didn't fall for their tricks again. Girls can be ruthless and coldhearted but not all the time. Now to the details. The cover I thought was very nice. It looks to me like the artist used pastels to color it. The penciling was pretty good and detailed. The coloring was average. I wish they could've done more with it but whatever. The over all art was good. I'd have to give Gotham City Sirens a generous 4 out of 5. I think it deserved it. It was a great way to end the story arc.

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