Gotham City Shelter for Cats and Dogs

    Location » Gotham City Shelter for Cats and Dogs appears in 18 issues.

    The current home of the Gotham City Sirens, this abandoned animal shelter is spruced up for all of the Sirens heroic (or any other) needs.

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     When Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman wore out their welcome in the Riddler's home, they turned to the Broker to find new digs. 
     The Broker Offered The Gotham City Shelter for Cats and Dogs, as a nod towards Selina's love of animals. 
     The building lasted for about 3 issues before it was more or less ruined by Gaggy as he attempted to kill Harley. So, the group hired Jenna Duffy to fix the place up while they ventured out to celebrate the holidays.
     The Sirens returned to a luxurious new home, complete with a top floor green house and lab for Poison Ivy, A world class Gym and pool room, a state of the art arsenal and computer room, and a room full of toys for Harley Quinn.


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