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Gotham City done right.

There's a lot of titles that either take place in Gotham City, feature Batman, or Batman associated characters. Some of them are good, some decent, some head-scratchingly random. That said I only really like one of them, Grayson. If this book is like this first issue i'll be liking two of them, because this was fantastic.

The Good

Ray Fawkes does a great job starting this title off with a bang, wasting no time to get a story started and moving a head with many ways to move forward. We meet Precinct 13, Jim Gordon's pet project who is now having to entertain someone from Internal Affairs. They introduce the small staff of Precinct 13 quickly and after that we get a quick little case which ends up showing us a place I am fond of, Slaughter Swamp. It's a nice little story that works for what it needs to accomplish in a first issue, introduce the characters, hook the readers, set up grounds for many more stories. All of this is done by Fawkes in a great way.

Templesmith's art is perfect for Gotham. It's grimy, dark, dirty, and pretty creepy. The buildings, people and general of the book feels spooky which would work for Gotham city in general but really works for Gotham city cops looking into the darker side of Gotham. Really can't wait to see him draw the Spectre.

The Bad

I don't really have any complaints, this was everything I wanted in this book and then some. The only thing I could possibly say is, Ben's Batman looks kind of funny. Something just feels off about it.


If you're looking for a creepy detective book that has art that'll compliment it to hell and back that takes place in the DC universe, buy this. It's a great start to what will hopefully be a long and enjoyable series.

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