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Olive Silverlock's Adventures at Gotham Hogwarts 1

One thing that stands out and kind of bugs me about this series is how blatantly this school wants to be Hogwarts. The aesthetic of Gotham Academy is nearly identical, it's only missing all the magical items. This issue further emphasizes that comparison with the potions-esque science class and the massive library. It makes the academy feel like it has less of an identity as a setting; although the art itself depicting it is utterly perfect. Kerschl's artwork is completely perfect for a dark at...

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Bats, Maps, and cults, Oh my! 2

The First issue of Gotham Academy Blew me away, this one was more of the same...but a little less.We are receiving more character development from our primary two characters Olive and Maps, but this issue spends more time developing protagonists and tertiary characters, like Pomeline, whom seems to be the infinitely ubiquitous snobby bad girl with who constantly thinks of others, as lesser pawns in the high school game, and introducing characters we saw but didn't hear, lik,e Mr. Scarlet. The w...

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