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The real origin of the Goth Girls is still unknown.   All of their members were originally part of Pryde Foundation for Wayward Uniques, however they were all dismissed for bad behavior.   Somehow they became the Goth Girls and work for Jaquelyne Pryde behind the scenes.   They kidnapped the New Guard to lure in the Teen Force 3, however the New Guard escaped and took them all out.   There was not enough evidence to convict them, though, and thus they were released from custody.


Covet (Tabitha Wentz) – Power duplication

Siphon (Jeannie Barber) – Absorbs energy and redirects as dark lightning

Rage (D’Esiree White) – Super strength, Enhanced endurance, Near invulnerability

Shriek (Dana Sutton) – Ultrasonic scream

Idle (Clyde Walker) – Projects slow-field

Venus (Traysi Park) – Hypnotic voice, Irresistible suggestion


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