Character » Gosamyr appears in 57 issues.

    Gosamyr is a member of an ancient race of alien beings. In line with her alien heritage, Gosamyr is a very beautiful and delicate creature.

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    Brief History

    Gosamyr was a slave of the alien crimelord Spyder who stowed away on a ship sent to capture mutant Lila Cheney. Once on Earth, she allied with the New Mutants to rescue Cheney. When the New Mutants were captured, she helped them escape, then asked their help in rescuing Gosamyr's family from Spyder, who planned to kill them and sell their valuable cocoons. When her family emerged from their cocoons psychotic and so vastly powerful they threatened to destroy the planet, Lila seemingly sacrificed herself teleporting them away. Gosamyr left the New Mutants to wander in space when she realized that she could not control her effects on her male teammates.


    Gosamyr unconsciously releases psionic signals which cause all males to desire her and become jealous and competitive. Her species has the potential to evolve into vastly powerful energy-manipulating beings, but if the process is interrupted too soon it causes them to emerge as insanely destructive mindless beings.


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