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    The adventurous adopted daughter of Darkwing Duck.

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    Origin: Darkly Dawns the Duck

    Gosalyn was placed in a orphanage after her grandfather Professor Waddlemeyer died. Her first encounter with Darkwing Duck was shortly after the villain Taurus Bulba attempted to kidnap her from the orphanage. During her adventure, Darkwing and Gosalyn became close and eventually he adopted her using his alter ego of Drake Mallard. Throughout the series she is shown to be best friends with her neighbor, Honker Muddlefoot. She is the second most important person in Darkwing's life (Darkwing himself being the first).


    She was created by Tad stones for the TV Show Darkwing Duck. She was a foil for Darkwing. She reigned in his outrageousness with her own strong spirit, helping him become her father. She first appeared in Darkwing duck #2 in 1991, which was an adaption of darkly dawns the duck. Her first original story comic appearance was in Liquid diet in Disney Adventures #199201. More recently, she has appeared in the ongoing series published by Boom! Studios, written by Ian brill and illustrated by James Silvani.

    Character Evolution

    At her first appearance, she was a very wild and without restraint child. Although she still is wild, her time with Darkwing has made her slightly more responsible for her actions. She now has a sense of justice which she didn't have before. Of course, she is still hipper and curious.

    Major Arcs

    The Duck Knight Returns

    In the Duck Knight Returns story arc, Drake has retired from crime busting, after being rescued from Negaduck (his worst enemy) by Quackwerks Crimebots. Gos is currently being taught at St. Canard School for Spirited Youngsters, which Drake says it quite expensive. She is shown by one of her teachers how to freeze something instantly and break it (just like the Liquidator would), so she has tied up the principle. Gos persuades Drake to once again become Darkwing when Honker is taken by crimebots for illegally downloading music. Darkwing then goes to investigate the mega company, Quackwerks, which had taken over everything in St. Canard.

    When Gos hears some VERY vague news reports about "some extravagantly dressed individuals and their friend, who may or may not be a talking puddle of water (aka: the Fearsome, she goes to the Duckburg airfield to find Launchpad, Darkwing's former sidekick. With his help, Gos is able to rescue Darkwing in the Thunderquack. However, after a mini battle with the Fearsome Five, which was interrupted by Crimebots, everyone, including Gos are captured by none other than

    Taurus Bulba.

    The fearsome five and Darkwing and launchpad (plus Gos) and they all find out Taurus' whole plan all along was to, not only stomp on Darkwing's spirits, but to acquire the Gizmo Duck armor. It turns out Gyro Gearloose had changed the pass-code from Blatherskite (same that ten times fast) to something when Gosalyn exclaims her favorite expression which is, "Keeeen Gear!", she becomes the new possessor of the Gizmo Duck Armor: Gosmo Duck! Using armor's power, she and Darkwing are able to defeat Taurus.

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings

    In the Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, St. Canard's water way is causing to disappear for some reason. In a more stressful nature, Negaduck has teamed up with Magica De Spell. This partnership of evil is kidnapping Darkwings of different dimensions for some nefarious purpose.

    Gos has "agreed" with Darkwing to only use the Gizmoduck suit in the urgent of emergencies. In addition, her training with the armor has not gone well (she has been able to hit everything except what she was supposed to while blind folded). While at school, Gos can not stop thinking about lasers. Her answer to anything has become lasers and she believes they are the only thing worth knowing.

    Meanwhile, Ammonia Pine is seen stealing a cleaning supply surplus. When the St. Canard Police Department chase after her, they are attacked by an arrow shooting trouble maker who looks quite similar to Darkwing Duck. Darkwing finds Morgana McCawber, who is currently comatose, not reacting to anything in the outside world (she was more gloomy than usual, but with no hold on her powers). Darkwing helps her out of this "funk" just in time for Launchpad and Gos to alert him that he was public enemy number one (again).

    After this announcement, Drake is furious. Everyone in the city is against him (even Herb Muddlefoot) and to add to the annoyances, the water is swallowing more people up. Drake decides to address the public. Following a futile speech and Liquidator warning everyone about the water, a whole cast of Darkwings of the Multiverse attack the city. Everyone of them are controlled by Magica and Negaduck. The War of the Darkwings has begun!

    Gosalyn, as Gosmo duck, helps Launchpad and the Crimebots (which they have reprogrammed to capture the alternate Darkwings) capture the alternates. When she reunites with Darkwing and Morgana, they realize that the one messing with the water is non other than Paddy Whack! As they narrowly escape, the Gizmo Duck suit, which was damaged by one of the formally hypnotized Werewolf Darkwing, self destructs, thereby ending the carrier of Gosmo Duck!

    Darkwing and Gosalyn are able to defeat the combined forces of Negaduck and Paddywhack with the help of Megavolt's Tronsplitter and the now un-hypnotized army of alternate darkwings (lead by Quiverwing Duck). they are able to defeat the Giant Nega- Paddywhack. It appears to be the end, but is it?

    F.O.W.L. Disposition

    Following their adventure with all the alternate Darkwings, Drake tucks Gosalyn in, but she notices when he leaves that he is accompanied by Steelbeak! Gosalyn there is only one (make that two) heroes up to the job: Quiverwing Quack and Arrow Kid (Honker)! The duo infiltrate F.O.W.L.'s base only to be attacked by Ammonia Pine, Hotshot, and Flygirl. Although Quiverwing and Arrow Kid defeat Hotshot and Flygirl, they are saved from Ammonia by Femme Appeal. Gosalyn is also present when Morgana fights Duckthulhu and disappears in the process.

    Mayoral Arc

    As Darkwing decides he is running for mayor, several super-villains are appearing on the scene, such as One-shot. Another super-villain appearing is Cat-Tankerous, who in regular life was one of her classmates from her school. It is revealed he had a crush on her and, upon seeing her in Gosmo Duck, decided the only way to get her heart would be to have his own super hero guise. However, this innocent gesture is twisted when he receives a mysterious suit, after which he decides he needs to defeat Darkwing to win Gosalyn's heart.

    Superhero Personas

    Pretty Poison (Show Only)

    Pretty poison was an alias Gosalyn used to infiltrate a darker side of st. canard in the episode "Negaduck" (which has the only appearance of the Negatron Negaduck). Although this alias was ineffective, it is worth noting.

    The Grub (Show Only)

    When Bianca Beakley (a reporter who Gosalyn idolized) became the super-villain known as "The Bugmaster" and Gosalyn found out about it, Bianca persuaded Gosalyn that she was only making Darkwing Duck look good. To help this super-villain in a misguided attempt to help Darkwing, Gosalyn became her sidekick called the Grub in which she wore about the same costume as the Bugmaster. Realizing her mistake, she betrayed the bugmaster by shooting her and helping save Darkwing from a grisly fate.

    Quiverwing (Show and Comics)

    At one point, Gos became the superhero Quiverwing Quack to combat Negaduck (and to put her archery lessons to good use) as well as to fight Splatter Phoenix . Now that the Gizmo Duck (aka Gosmo Duck) armor was broken Gosalyn needed another alias: so she resurrected an old favorite!

    Gosmo Duck (Comic Only)

    At one point in the comics, Gosalyn had in her possession the Gizmo duck Armor and was the hero known as "Gosmo Duck". (see crisis on infinite Darkwings above for more info).

    Other Versions

    Mysterious Masked Avenger of Evil (Show Only)

    In the episode "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck", a superhero who looked a lot like Gosalyn called the Mysterious Masked Avenger of Evil (Avenger for short) is described by a storytelling janitor (who looks a lot like Darkwing duck). This story sort of twists Darkwing story, making Gosalyn a hero before Darkwing ever was. Her trusty sidekick was Launchpad. She was the one who actually gave this Darkwing his super-name and his hat/cape. When she fell into a vat of kooko cola (which was her one weakness) she perished, giving DW a direction for his life.

    Gosaloid (Show Only--Futuristic)

    One of the kids who this old janitor who looks like Darkwing duck is telling his possible origin story to in "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck". She had the same sense of curiosity regular Gosalyn had.

    Frequency Fiends (show only)

    When Gosalyn is hit by a S.H.U.S.H. gun, it brought the three worst parts of Gosalyn's personality to life as three beings of energy waves (Light Waves, Heat waves, and Radio Waves). With the help of Megavolt, Darkwing was able to defeat them and sent them to oblivion.

    Alternate Quiverwing (From Comics)

    Little is known about this version of Gosalyn. However, we do know that she continued using the Quiverwing Quack personae more than

    The tragic story
    The tragic story

    twice along side a trench coat wearing Darkwing alternate. However, one one of their many adventures, she sacrificed herself for the good of the people. To honor her name, this alternate Darkwing became Quiverwing Duck, fighting for those like her who do not stand up for themselves. We see this alternate exclusively in the crisis on infinite Darkwings story arc.


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