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Gormac is  a Type 2 demon and had a small cult that granted him enough power to hide his activites from Mephisto .He wanted to leave Hell for Earth ,in order to do that he needed a human sacrifice .Cult members Mr.and Mrs. Moran had a son named Kevin,who was chosen as the sacrifice ,but neither could preform the grisly act .So while the husband was smoking, the mother threw alcohol in his face, in which he burned to death .This was witnessed by thier son who  became a runaway .He was caught once ,but since he never entered Gormac realm willingly , he escaped .Gormac created a agent named Pain to assist and serve him .Meanwhile  Kevin hadmet and asked  Doctor Strange and the Ghost Rider to help him .Pain and Gormac`s agents confronted him and made him feel guilty over his father`s fate so as Dr.Strange and Ghost Rider arrived ,Kevin had leapt in the portal to Gormac`s realm. As Dr.Strange and The Ghost Rider followed Kevin ,who in Hell was faced with memories of his father death ,they were attacked by a demon horde .Reaching Kevin ,they all confronted Gormac ,who bragged to the heroes his plan of ruling Mephisto`s realm and taking over Mephisto place in Hell.They were able to defeat Gormac  and then all three left ,with Kevin promising to confront his mother .As Gormac rose there approched a very unhappy Mephisto .

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