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    Gorgon is a multi personality creature.

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    Gorgon was a supervillain and a member of the Extremists on the world of Angor . Gorgon and the Extremists, except for Dreamslayer , died on Angor after the group caused a nuclear holocaust on their planet.

    Gorgon was later "resurrected" as a robot along with the dead Extremists by Dreamslayer, and attempted to take over Earth until being stopped by Justice League Europe . The Extremists robots were then exhibited in Madame Clouseau's Wax Museum in Paris. They were later used by Dreamslayer a second time on the island of Kooey Kooey Kooey , and still later as pawns of Twilight in a battle with Supergirl.

    A statue of Gorgon was kept in the Villains Gallery on the Justice League' s moon base.


    In the Lord Havok  and the Extremists series (2007), an alternate version of Gorgon features, a denizen of Earth-8. In issue #2 his origin is revealed to be Dr.Mortimer. 

     Dr. Mortimer was working on genetic alteration with  Wandjina (who later became his nemesis) to create a new type of super-being. Whilst working on his experiment he got caught in an explosion at his lab, which led to Mortimer being changed into a Gorgon like creature, and obtaining a different personality for every tentacle he has on his head.  

     When taking on the persona of one of his personalities, he found "evidence" that he thought lead to the conclusion that his girlfriend was having an affair with Wandjina which lead to him killing his girlfriend in a rage, a distraught Mortimer was then later recruited by Lord Havok when he (Havok) agreed to help Mortimer control his personality changes.

    Powers and Abilities 

    Gorgon has a set of tentacles that can grapple with super human strength. Each of the tentacles ends in a mouth of shap teeth. 

    Other media

    Justice League Unlimited

        Gorgon in Justice League Unlimited.
      Gorgon in Justice League Unlimited.

    Gorgon has appeared in Justice League Unlimited episode "Shadow of the Hawk". Along with the other Extremists they attacked a city and battled the Justice League. He was defeated by Batman and Hawkgirl, who used one of his own tentacles to throw him into a building. Gorgon was last seen incapacitated and being placed into an armored police vehicle.


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