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    Charlton's Monster from the Deep

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    After a seaquake a huge lizard like creature walks out of the ocean and almost destroyers a fishing village in Ireland, fortunately for the village the same quake that brought the 65 foot monster to land has also grounded a salvage ship, the crew of which proves up to the task of capturing the beast.

    Instead of killing it, or turning it over to the government, they decide to take it to London and put it on display for profit.

    Looking to be a huge success things become more complicated when it’s discovered that the monster, which has been dubbed Gorgo, is really just a youngster and it’s 200 foot tall mother is coming for him.

    After a pitched battle with the British army Gorga’s mother Orga able to free her child and they both go lumbering back to the sea.

    That however is not the last the world has heard of Gorgo, apparently having found a taste for the land the young monster begins to make regular visits there.

    At the same time governments, scientists, and even would be world conquerors pursue Gorgo and his mother for their own ends.

    This leads to Gorgo finding himself in a succession dangerous situations, from battling other giant primitive monsters, to control by mad scientists, to even at one point inadvertently preventing World War III.

    Charlton’s Monster Heroes

    After a comic based on a film about a giant ape in London by the title of Konga proves a success for Charlton they try again with another English produced B-film, this titled Gorgo, both released at the same time as the films, the comics run for 23 issues each, a pretty good run for a Charlton comic at the time, as well as being the stars of Return of Konga (2 issues,) Return of Gorgo, (1 issue) and Revenge of Gorgo (2 issues,) there are also two less successful monster books, Reptilicus, based on a B-movie from Sweden which runs for 2 issues, and Reptisaurus which runs for 6 issues and is only marginally based on Reptilicus.

    However all of Charlton monsters vanish from the comic’s racks by the end of 1965.


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