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    The Gordanians are a race of intergalactic slavers who originate from the Vega star system.

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    The Gordanians forged an alliance with the intergalactic despot, Blackfire of Tamaran. Under the command of fleet commander Trogaar, the Gordanians captured Blackfire's sister, the Koriand'r and kept her enslaved for over six years.

    Alternate Versions

    Teen Titans Go!/Teen Titans

    A group of Gordanians have been hired by a collector to find and capture various types of creatures from other planets. They come to Earth to collect a dodo bird but soon learn there are none left on Earth. As they are leaving they see Starfire and decide she would be worth a lot to the collector and try to capture her. They are defeated by the Teen Titans and sent home via their ships autopilot.

    In Other Media

    A monstrous race which has been featured as the mortal enemies of Thanagarians in 'Justice League/DC Animated Universe and the mortal enemies of the Rannians in 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold'.


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