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    Goom is an alien entity from planet X. He possessed a wide variety of physical and mental powers as well as advanced technology.

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     Goom captures two earthlings.
    Goom captures two earthlings.

    An astronomer named Mark Langley would send out powerful radar waves through a transmitter to look for other planets in the solar system. Mark discovered a gigantic planet behind Jupiter he would call Planet X. Mark wanted to see if their was life on that planet so he tried to communicate with anyone through the transmitter. Goom would follow the radio signal back to Earth and eventually arrive in his rocket ship. Goom held Mark and his wife captive and told them they would be needed to help him conquer the planet. Goom told Mark to tell the earthlings that he came in peace and wanted to speak to the leaders on Earth or his wife would fall prey to his neutron beam. Mark reluctantly agreed and news of Goom's arrival was on the front page of every newspaper. Goom told the leaders to prepare for the new order and that he would rule mankind. Goom displayed the power of one of his weapons where he placed a human inside a reverse time machine and the man inside reverted back into an infant. Goom displayed more of his abilities by lifting the entire city with the power of his mind and creating a force field to protect himself from any weapon. While Goom was distracted, Mark sent out more radar waves to Planet X and was able to make contact with someone. Mark provided Earth's location and two rocket ships eventually arrived. Several people of Goom's race appeared and told the earthlings that they opposed all violence. They told the earthlings that Goom was an outcast, dubbed a renegade in their society. They apprehended Goom and took him back to Planet X.


    Goom was created by Jack Kirby in 1961 and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 15.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Against the Hulk

     Goom faces the Hulk.
    Goom faces the Hulk.

    Xemnu the Titan learned that Earth was visited by several alien beings that possessed various powers and abilities but the United States Government wanted to keep the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors top secret. Xemnu was able to make duplicates of some of these powerful creatures that included Goom, Blip, Groot, Diablo and Taboo where they were contained in gamma teleporters. Xemnu would unleash these deadly beings on one of his oldest foes, the Hulk. Goom would shrink the Hulk to the size of a rodent with his molecular condenser beams and tries to crush the gamma giant with his bare hands. The Hulk is able to pry the fingers of Goom away and throws him into a mountain. The Hulk and Goom trade blows when their earth shattering strikes causes an avalanche. Both powerhouses are buried underneath tons of rock but the Hulk emerges and Goom is laid out.

    Stay Angry

    When the Hulk escapes from the God Complex, a prison in Antarctica where the US Government houses it worst alien terrors, a being looking like Goom can be seen. The is no proof that it is Goom but he like the other aliens decide its safer to stay in the Complex then wonder out into a Earth that was surely conquered already.

    Other Versions

    Variant Gooms

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    In the Marvel Adventures' Universe, Goom is an alien from the Negative Zone who was communicating with Reed Richards. Reed had been sending him cultural and educational programming from Earth to help him understand Earth society. While Reed was away, Johnny found the programs boring and changed the signal to broadcast MTV. The Human Torch accidentally summoned him to Earth and with the help of Spider-Man returned him to the Negative Zone. Goom spoke English with a street dialect.


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